webkinz site problems?
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my daughter has received a webkinz for her birthday, and I am having difficulty registering her webkinz on the website. Has anyone else experienced problems with this process? Any advice?
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Could you be a little bit more specific about the problem?
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The webkinz site works only with high-speed internet. So if you are on dialup that would be a problem. Have you looked at their FAQ's? i haven't heard of anyone I know having problems registering. Another option would be to call the shop you bought it at, the staff are probably very knowledgable about webkinz (well, at least my awesome independent toy shop is).
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I agree that a description of the problem's specifics would be helpful. If you're unable to get into the Adopt a New Pet area, it's probably just a temporary site slowdown (which happens from time to time), and waiting it out is really all you can do. If you can get in, but it tells you that the code has already been used, then that means that someone copied down the code and used it, in which case the only solution would be to find out where the Webkinz was purchased and talk to the store.
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They did have problems with the site after xmas....

Our main problem was a technical issue that impacted the Adoption Centre leaving some of our newest members stuck in the adoption process. If this problem has affected you, please know that we are currently in the process of fixing all stuck accounts. This process is running day and night, and we expect all of the affected accounts to be fixed over the next few days. When your account is fixed you will be able to complete your adoption and begin enjoying everything Webkinz World has to offer. If you have contacted Customer Service about a new account, you will receive an email when your account is ready (note: some of these emails were sent blank . If you received a blank email, check your account, it has been fixed).
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My niece has a bunch of those little things. For what it's worth, webkinz.com runs much better on IE explorer than mozilla firefox. I couldn't register one of her webkinz on firefox, in fact (it worked on explorer.) So whenever she plays webkinz on my computer I always launch IE explorer in order to avoid any problems.

Not sure if that will help but just an idea.
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There are so many usernames taken on that site -- this could also be a potential cause of rduy26's problems. It took my son about 10 tries to come up with a username that wasn't already in use... to my kid, it seemed like the site just didn't work.

So, if that's the issue, try something really funky with numbers involved.

I will say, Webkinz.com is a GREAT site for kids, tons of fun stuff to do, and they seem to add new things often.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of your responses so far. High speed connection is a go, as is internet explorer.
The problem appears as you click new member, and as the pigeon explains the registration process, a PLEASE READ clipboard appears. As you X out of it, you are returned to the Main web page.

I agree, Cerebus, regarding temporary site slowdowns, but this has been since Sunday.

In addition, as I read on the support pages, the only way to contact these guys is to have a user name and password......

The more I look into this, I hear a lot of grumbling on certain blog forums....
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I just visited the site and went through a few steps in the registration process. As the penguin lady talked, a clipboard popped-up asking if you wanted to continue with the registration. I clicked the OK button at the bottom of the clipboard, which then sent me to an actual sign-up screen. Is this clipboard the one that continually sends you back to the main web page? It worked for me, on broadband with Firefox.

Make sure your flash plugin is up-to-date, you've cleared your cache, perhaps restart, or turn off your firewall/anti-virus. If this doesn't work, can you go to a friend's or relative's home to use their computer?
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Best answer: As you X out of it, you are returned to the Main web page.

-I clicked the OK button at the bottom of the clipboard, which then sent me to an actual sign-up screen.

When you click New Member and Ms Birdy says "please read this important message before continuing...", click OK, not the X in the top right. It then asks you what country you're in. I would guess that you're "X-ing" out of the registration by not agreeing with the terms it presents.
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Response by poster: Problem solved. Thanks to all of you. Changed display resolution to fit entire clipboard that had options off screen before.
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TIP: If you have more than one animal (or intend to buy more), put them all on the same account. The 1-year free web access countdown begins with your last pet on the account.
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