How can I stop cell phone spam?
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How can I stop cell phone spam? I have a cell phone with Verizon Wireless. I have voice and text messaging, but not data. I've been receiving text spam messages recently. These text messages appear to come from an e-mail address. My cell phone is on the national do not call registry.
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Best answer: I was getting this when I switched plans. Can't remember exactly how I stopped it but there was some option I changed online about what kind of text messages I would accept. Oh, yeah! I changed it so I couldn't get text messages via email.

If you log on to your account online (duh!) you should be able to change that setting yourself. Sorry I can't be more specific.
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Also, call Verizon to confirm that your "setting change" was effective, and make sure that any charges for these messages are removed from your bill. Get the name of the rep who you talk to, in case charges do show up later.
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you can log into which which will enable you to establish the level of text message blocking that best suits your needs.

Block choices as per the website-

1) Block all messages from the web (i.e., web-based alerts from 3rd-party sites, such as
2) Block all messages from a specific domain (i.e.,,
3) Block up to 15 specific email addresses and web domains (i.e.,,,
4) Only allow email messages sent to
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File a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry. If it was a bulk text-message, those are illegal, and you can file a complaint with the FCC.

I'm having trouble finding a reference for this, but I know that the national do not call registry is supposed to protect against unsolicited commercial text messages.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everybody. I took trinity8-director's advice, adjusted the online setting. We'll see if this works.
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