What are some heavily curated groups on Flickr
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What are some heavily curated groups on Flickr? I'm looking for stuff like Hardcore Street Photography, which only has one or two photos being OK'd by the admins each day.

There have to be more groups like this.
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also outside of flickr
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Strobist really isn't what i'm looking for; yes they'll kick your photo out of the pool if you don't tell them what crazy off camera flash set up you used, but assuming you do that you can post 3 lame shots a day. While I typed this comment 6 photos were posted.

(That said, Strobist is a cool site.)
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What do you mean by heavily curated? Just for quality, or for topical relevance?

It sounds like you are after a 'best of' group of some sort.
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For quality, yes. I'm not too interested in the "500+ views" group, or the "100 comments" group. I'm looking for groups like Hardcore Street Photography, where the admins pick and choose what to post.
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The Temporary Gallery might be up your alley. Instead of regular postings, they host "gallery showings" from specific photographers on specific themes. It's invite only - that's how I got to know about it. However, I don't believe they take any *submissions* per se - but it is indeed heavily curated. :)
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Cool. I also found Straight Ahead Street which has capped the number of photos in it's pool to 500.
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A few that may satisfy yr wishes:

Flickr Platinum, Outstanding Shots (has nice competitions) and "Look at me" does as well. I'm not a photographer, but in the event you need an invitation to any of these just drop me a note.
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The Very Special Food Photography group is run with a pretty strict, iron fist. The admin used to be an art director for a food & lifestyle magazine, and is a professional food photographer, herself. Her goal to make it the best food photography group on Flickr, and she does a good job culling the submissions.
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Eye Candy!
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I'm not a big food photo fan, but that group is exactly the sort of thing i'm after. I'm surprised there aren't more groups like this on Flickr. I guess it's too friendly a place for people to rule their groups with an iron fist.
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Contract Killers (Portraits)
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