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How can I grow my list of "high impact" volunteering opportunities in San Francisco?

I'd like to expand my list of "high impact" volunteering opportunities in San Francisco. I’m in an e-commerce/professional services role where I lead technical teams of ~10 people and I'm targeting opportunities where I can utilize much of my skill set and experience.

Through volunteer match I've found some solid candidates like entrepreneurial coaching at micromentor, IT/web support at Korematsu Discovery Academy and web development at taproot foundation. I'd like to stay clear of opportunities from sites like onebrick.org that are heavy with sorting/packing activities.

Can anyone share their experiences with avenues to opportunities like these?
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I haven't volunteered through Taproot but did apply for a job there once. They're really, really cool and good at matching people with solid experience with non-profits that need them. They also help with the project management side of things and act as a go between (sometimes business speak and non-profit speak needs some translation.) Their application process is relatively simple, and they'll do a skills assessment and match you up with a project. They especially like people with lead experience, so if you enjoy doing that, definitely say so.
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No personal experience, but I've heard good things about The Volunteer Center. It looks like they do something similar to Volunteer Match, but may have a different set of opportunities.
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I work with lots of volunteer programs nationally. I will Second The Volunteer Center in SF. The staff are smart and professional. Their understanding of volunteerism is transformative. I think that they can set you on the right path.

Good luck!
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Oh yeah, drop me a mefi mail if you would like to talk off line.
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Idealist.org is my one stop shop for posted volunteer activities.

You have skills that would be in high demand for any non-profit, so I think you'll have your pick of a lot of opportunities. You could also just call up causes that you are passionate about and see if the organizations have need for services like yours.
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