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I want some new friends (to add to my old ones), but I'm too busy to actually spend time with people, and I'm also shy and introverted. So I'm looking for email buddies. Fine, but how do I "meet" them? Are there any good sites where people can post personal ads for platonic relationships via email? I'm looking for someplace where I could post a really long, descriptive email about myself. I guess I'm looking for what was once called a "pen pal." (I'm not looking for forums or chat rooms. That's too interactive. I want something more slow-paced and long-winded. I.e letters.)
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Hit me, GB. I've learned neat stuff from you online already and we vaguely knew each other when we were kids.
posted by mwhybark at 10:07 PM on June 24, 2004

I'd recommend the platonic section of Craigslist.
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You could try something like orkut or friendster, but I've only used them to keep in contact with people I already know. I know Orkut has two commuities for pen-pals, one strictly for snail-mail (currently has 15 members), the other more free form (21 members). You'd need an invite, but I can do that for you.

To piggyback on mwhybark: I'm verbose in letters and I'm decent at keeping up correspondence, I can't judge how exciting my life is, but I'd enjoy having a penpal too. I need to strengthen my writing muscles. Send that descriptive email to me!
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Drop by people's blogs and comment on them, then upgrade to email.
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I think email roulette might be what you're looking for. I haven't tried it so I can't say if it works well or not.
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You might try putting a little advertisement on your MeFi user page to the effect that you're looking for an email pal. Although posting this thread was probably even better than a note on you userpage, since more people will see it.
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Just be sure to emphasise that you'd prefer email that's personally-directed to you, rather than cc: material.
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Hey Grumble, I added you to my contacts in MeFi, and in Orkut.

Try emailing Metafilterers/Orkutians about good posts they made, or things they might find interesting. Start a MeFi meetup in Brooklyn.
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