Why won't Dreamweaver let me check out (or save) files?
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Why won't Dreamweaver let me check out (or save) files?

Background and possibly relevant information:

- I had been using DW8 on a Windows machine, then upgraded to CS3 when I got my new Mac.
- My local site is set up on a network drive.
- If I double click to open and check out the file, DW asks if I want to overwrite my local copy. This is the first strange thing, as it usually doesn't ask this. If I hit yes, it opens, but I think as read only (is not checked out). If I hit no, it checks it out but when I make changes and try to save it, it gives me the "access to [file path] was denied".
- If I select just check out (w/out open) it says "[file] - error occurred - Check Out failed since [file] does not exist on the remote site." (But it does exist!)
- If I open a file that was checked out through DW8 (shows up as checked out in CS3) and edit it, I AM able to save that and upload and check-in/out, etc. Although, I get a "The file has been modified outside of DW. Do you want to reload it?" Which always makes me nervous, since afaik, it shouldn't do that.
- I have to use check-in/out feature

I think that's it. Thank you!
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Urm, don't really know, but have you tried either: 1) Rebuilding the site cache 2) Deleting the site (just in the dreamweaver site manager) and remaking it? I have to do this from time to time and it usually doesn't end up affecting things to much.
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Check file permissions on both the local (network drive) and remote sites. Try to reduce the variables by checking out a file to your local drive; if that works, the problem is probably with the network drive.

Every time I've had problems with Dreamweaver checking stuff out it's been a file permissions problem -- Dreamweaver isn't very good about communicating this to the user.
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