What else sounds like the Quake soundtrack?
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I'm looking for music similar to the Quake 1 soundtrack.

I enjoyed Quake's threatening, ambient soundtrack of bestial breathing, eerie heartbeats, distant screams, blasts of wind, weird dronings...
What other music sounds similar?
So far I've found Lustmord and Sun O))), and I'd like some more suggestions. This stuff really helps me concentrate!
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FYI, the soundtrack to Quake 1 is composed by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. Most of his NIN stuff is not so ambient but there are a few choice tracks to be found, especially on The Fragile.
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You would probably like Trent's work on Further Down the Spiral.
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(If I recall, it's not totally his doing, but you should still give it a shot.)
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There is TONS of this stuff out there. Off the top of my head: Mike Patton's solo work, Acid Mother's Temple, Bohren & The Club Of Gore, Om, some John Zorn

That should get you started.
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Okay, now that I give it the 30-second treatment, there are only a couple of tracks on that release that fit your question:

"At the Heart of It All"

"The Beauty of Being Numb"

and maybe "The Downward Spiral (The Bottom)" (the original version might also work for you)
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Lustmord. Coil. Nurse With Wound. Early Current 93. Download.
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Best answer: If going for "Download", go for "The Eyes of Stanley Pain"

Haswell & Hecker
Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation
Contagious Orgasm
Deathprod (and the collaborative album with Biosphere)
Ah-Cama Sotz
Imminent Starvation's (now just "Imminent") album "Nord" is pretty great.

Not sure if they all fit what you have in mind, but all worth checking out.
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"At the Heart of It All"

Worth noting that it's not a Trent Reznor track. It's actually Aphex Twin.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks, these should keep me going for a while!
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Sounds like "dark ambient" is a search term you want to keep in your back pocket.
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the doom (1 and 2) soundtrack is similar i think, and also awesome
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All the things people said up there, plus Lustmord.
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Download is what I came here to recommend, and you may enjoy other cEvin Key projects as well - Plateau, The Tear Garden, etc.
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