how to get newbies healthy?
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My wife and I are trying to get back into shape, and maybe loose some weight. I've tried out my google-foo, and can find some places here in RI, but I don't think my wife would feel comfortable walking into Golds gym. Help!

We're kinda looking into maybe some yoga. I'm just interested in doing some cardio, bikes, maybe some free weights. Would love to have a pool and a hot tub.

My wife has never been in a gym while I used to go with a roommate. We've been looking into the YMCA. Maybe some AskMe users live in Rhode Island and can give some expertise.
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Find a trainer, even if it's only for one or two sessions. Even better would be a training program, check with a hospital, that's where I found a really good one. Going with a trainer helps you to learn how to exercise so you don't injure yourself or get bored. Make sure it's good trainer, someone who's positive and will push you a bit, but isn't a dick about it.
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I hate Gold's gym, but your wife may be fine at a Gold's. The one where I am has a separate women's workout area.
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I sometimes go to a Gold's gym. It's not at all harrr! harrr! grunt!y. It also has a room just for women to work out in, and yoga classes, bikes, weights, cardio. I'm not a big fan of Gold's, because of the year-long contract, but the gym itself (at least my neighborhood one) is fine.

I've also had good luck at various Y's and locally-owned gyms. Don't be intimidated -- just walk in and look around. They're really not very macho places. Even if the free-weight section can be a bit manly, the rest is usually a bunch of bikes in front of TV sets.
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You and your wife might be interested in this recent thread: Is the YMCA for me? It discusses a lot of the pros of going to the Y, notably that it is a welcoming atmosphere for people who are new to the gym or aren't into stereotypical "gym culture." All YMCAs are different, so you'd have to check your local one to see if it has a pool/hot tub.
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Simplefit is bare bones and will definitely get you in shape if you're capable of motivating yourself to stick with it. You can do all of the exercises at home.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the info, I'm checking it all out, and I will pass this all on to my wife!!
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How's your diet? Diet is a huge part of losing weight and generally feeling better. You could switch to one of those meal-portion plans, such as Nutrisystem or HMR. I did HMR and liked it because they also give you many tips on how to exercise better (if you can stand their too-cheerful "you can do it!" attitude).
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Have more sex, and cook your own food.
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Seconding SimpleFit. Besides not requiring a gym, it's also very efficient and won't take up huge swaths of time.
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Have more sex, and cook your own food.
that sounds like excelent advice to me.

In addition, Eyes of the World is a nice yoga studio in Providence, near you. Take a few classes with Tom Gillette and be sure to tell him you are new.
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I recommend a rock gym. Rock climbing combines cardio and anaerobic excercise, and it builds balance and flexibility. Personally I've never enjoyed the regular gym environment but rock climbing keeps me coming back and motivated to improve.

Google tells me there is a gym in providence and another in mystic.
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I had good experiences with yoga classes at a community college where I worked; they were part of the "continuing education" program.

The school also had an exercise room & pool, although both were out of commission for most of the time I worked there -- earthquake damage followed by renovation. When I did use the exercise room, it was very mellow, mostly other staff.

You might find something similar near you, probably at pretty low cost.
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