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I (think I) need a furniture appraiser in New York City.

I need to set a price on large art deco piece of furniture. I think it is original but may be a reproduction. This is in New York City and needs to be done in the next few weeks. I guess I need someone to come in and appraise it. Any recommendations? Any idea how much the appraisal will cost?
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NYU has an appraisal program. The people you might want to contact there are Jane Jacob (teaches introductory appraisal of all types of art) and Philip Zimmerman (specializes in furniture, though earlier than your deco piece).

They could probably either do the appraisal themselves (I am guessing this would cost you around $100-$150 depending on how much information you are asking for), or use it as a teaching exercise (which could be free for you).

Try calling the general number of the school and see if they can hook you up.

Alternatively, you can search for appraiser by area and specialty here.
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