Printing business cards in NYC
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Help me choose a printer in NYC for my business cards.

Okay, so I'm in a small (<10 person) company and we finally have all our logo/design work finished. Since our graphic design guy is from philadelphia he can't really recommend someone local. What we need is a shop that can do full color one sided business cards. We'd vastly prefer someone in manhattan so we can meet with the to approve proofs and such quickly. Also we will probably be doing a few iterations of the cards as some of our information will be changing, all of which will require rush work.

Since all the design work is done all we need is the actual printing. Anyone have a particularly good and fast print shop they work with in NYC? Alternately, any place I should really avoid?
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this is pretty standard stuff. I would go with the closest one to your business.
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Yeah, any job shop can do BCs, unless you need something fancy like 4 spot colors and a varnish or letterpress or a blind emboss or foil or whatever.
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(And if you need any of those things, specify which, and I'll give you the name of a high-end job shop, foiler/stamper or a letterpress printer who can do it.)
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I have successfully used this company for business cards and other assorted office stationery:

Beyond Printing
450 Seventh Ave Ste 205
New York, NY 10123
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