Windows software for creating encrypted, virtual drives?
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Is there an open source and/or free Windows software that will create encrypted, virtual drives? I'm looking for something equivalent to DriveCrypt that I and my clients can trust.
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PGPDisk is an older free version of the current PGPDisk. I have no idea on how secure it is or if it creates virtual drives. If I had to encypt something for free I'd use that as I trust the PGP name; though if you really need to encrypt something I would pay for it as encrypting usually indicates important and you don't want to go cheap on important stuff.
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There is something called TrueCrypt 2.1, released just a couple of days ago and based in part on E4M, which some claim was open source while others say the IP is owned by the makers of DriveCrypt, SecurStar. Anyway, links to TrueCrypt:

There is also PGP Disk and BestCrypt, not free but alternatives.
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Being open source and IP ownership are not mutually exclusive. Linus Torvalds for instance owns the IP on the linux kernel (along with all the other contributors). Open Source merely says the owner of the code lets you look at the source. Free Software adds that you also get to modify and distribute it, possibly under certain restrictions.
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