I need to add a chat room to a website
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I need to add a chat room to a website

The server has Apache, PHP and MySQL and I can install anything else that is required.

I don't really want to use an external chat room provider / web service.

I'd rather not have to mess about with flash or java applets, and it needs to be very simple to use (from the user's perspective).

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You really need to use either java or flash to create a true connection to the server. Otherwise, you're just loading an html page over and over and that can really kill a server.

Oregano is pretty slick java server with a flash front end. A little quirky to install, but the directions are not too hard to follow. It even has access to the mysql backend for authentication.
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This works in flash, but is probably very simple to install (looks like a standard iis install, but may be easy to convert). pushby chat (again) is flash, but you need to be able to compile it. Not what you wanted, I know, but if you decide to go the flash route, then they're here.
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