Looking for a wonderful short break near Bath, UK..
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Can anyone help me find a wonderful short break near Bath, UK?

Myself and my wonderful girlfriend thought we were going on a fabulous van adventure to the westcountry between the 9th - 17th February this year. That's fallen through, so we're looking for an exciting trip. Anybody have personal experience of any of the many narrowboat hire companies operating on the kennet and avon canal? Or, a particular favourite self catering property that offers peace and quiet, but within reach of bath? Thanks so much
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You could take a hot air balloon ride.
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Alvechurch hires narrowboats out of Hilperton before. I've been on one of their boats out of Anderton before and it was a great experience.
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Err, drop the first before. And I should have mentioned that Hilperton is on the Kennet and Avon.
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Five miles outside bath. See if the boat Henrietta is available. It sleeps two and has a wood burning heater I think. Get the girlfriend to take the lesson how to drive it, then that leaves you to open the lockgates (trust me most people do the opposite, and then you like a chump letting your girlfriend do all the heavy lifting). If Henrietta is not available ask them for advice. Remember Valentine's Day. (Dont start me off again about Hot-Air Balloons).

I dont know any-self catering, but if you are looking for a B&B then this is really nice and backs onto the canal:


and this is a few doors down and in my view even nicer inside


Use the maps on the B&B websites. This is the best place to park your boat for a trip into Bath on foot.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the replies, everyone.
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