The vault of imaginary movies?
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Did I imagine that reference? Cloverfield got me thinking. Someone somewhere perhaps mentioned to me many years ago another "fake visual document" movie, this one involving a tv crew, a lake, a monster (or just a vague mystery?), and it might have been shot in black and white (perhaps to fake olden times?). Treat all preceding details as suspect, but feel free to go wild giving it a go.

Yes, I've tried IMDB and Google. I suspect some of my recollections are wrong and hence the lack of hits. Unless of course I imagined the whole talk or conflated my memories with assorted mental flotsam, and hence there is no such movie. Or my search-fu is pathetically worse than my proud claims would like to affirm to the contrary, and then you have my permission to pull a Nelson Muntz on me.
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I'll go with the simple answer and say Blair Witch, but I think there was a student film that got some press awhile back about the Jersey Devil.
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Was it The Last Broadcast? I bought it while I was all still excited about the Blair Witch but it wasn't anywhere near as good.
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It's not black and white, but otherwise you could be describing Incident at Loch Ness. It's a little hit or mess, but worth watching if only for Werner Herzog.
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Ha. I meant "hit or miss," but the way I typed it works too.
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Response by poster: I've seen BW, sorry for not having mentioned it. TLB sounds intriguing enough, but the more I think about it, the more I lock into the "old b&w news report" angle. Though now I want to watch TLB besides whatever it is I'm fishing for, heh. And on preview, that one Herzog had his fingers on!
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Response by poster: (Meaning I want to watch it too. I need an assistant editor.)
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Here's a list of Dramatic Examples of Mockumentaries found at wikipedia, maybe one will jog your memory.

* Alien Abduction
* ...and I was born to sweet delight!
* The Blair Witch Project
* Cannibal Holocaust
* C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America
* Culloden
* Dadetown
* David Holzman's Diary
* The Day Britain Stopped
* Death of a President
* Fandom: A True Film
* I Am a Purifier!
* Interview With the Assassin
* The Last Broadcast
* Made in Secret: The Story of the East Van Porn Collective
* The Magician
* Il Mistero di Lovecraft
* Nothing So Strange
* Oil Storm
*Punishment Park
* The Second Renaissance
* Supervolcano
* Smallpox
* The War Game
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blair witch project?
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No monster or lake, but hey, it's in black and white and has a TV crew! Man Bites Dog.
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