Help me choose a cell phone (AT&T)
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What cell phone should I buy? I have AT&T. I had a Blackberry Pearl, and it just broke. I have not been that happy with it, so am considering getting a new phone. Text messaging is the feature I use most, aside from the actual phone.

Here is what is important:
-battery life
-ease of use
-ease of use with text messaging.

I don't care about: email & multimedia, camera. I liked how the Pearl worked for text messaging but overall, found the phone very clunky and not very user friendly. I know the Iphones are nice, but it seems a little excessive for my needs.
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I have a Samsung Blackjack, and it's great for texting -- full qwerty keyboard, text functions are only one button click away. The battery life could be better, but if you turn off all the crap like bluetooth discovery, etc. you can get some decent mileage out of each charge.
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I loved the keyboard and user interface of my old Sidekick 2, and the T-Mobile sidekick unlimited internet/text plan was the cheapest of any such plans I could find. I usually charged it every night but could skip a night and still get a full day of web browsing and texting. When the sidekick broke I got a Palm Centro on Sprint. It's cheap and has an OK, not great user interface; the keyboard is tiny but is still pretty nice for text messaging. Unlimited texting on Sprint adds somewhere around 15 dollars to the monthly bill. Again, I usually charge it every night but can go two or three days between charges.

I don't use phones for voice much. If I did a lot of talking, I'm sure the battery life would be shorter.
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I have an unlocked c139 that I love. It's ugly, but it's incredibly cheap ($30) and has amazing battery life (I can leave it uncharged for five days). I also use it mainly for text messages and haven't had a problem, although the screen is small.
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Actually the c139 has standard 1-9 buttons and not a keyboard, which doesn't seem to be what you want.
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Do NOT get the Sony Ericsson z520 or z525. I've been through 3 of them. I'm happy with my z550 now though.
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I would still go to an Apple store and play with an iPhone for the hell of it. I text with mine constantly and where as it took some getting used to I have to say that I love it now. You will find the other features a gigantic plus. As you probably know- AT&T is the exclusive provider (at least I think that is still the case in North America currently). You got nothing to lose and you might find some good uses for all the extras.
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Get one of the phones on the Sprint SERO plan - deep handset discounts, unlimited texts, voice, data for $30/month. If you're serious about texting avoid none-tactile keyboard phones like the HTC Touch and Apple's phone, unless they come with a bluetooth stack that lets you pair a portable or rollup keyboard with the phone when you want to do some serious typing.
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You've obviously never held an iPhone.
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I know a lot of people have had problems with their RAZRs, but I never have. I really like the predictive text input of the motorolas. I've had it for a year, and the battery is still good for about a week between charges (would be more, but BT is turned on).
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Maybe a Sony P1i? I don't know alot about it, but I have friends who swear by the SE handwriting recognition on touchscreen for texting. Also if you have a Pearl the P1i has the same sort of modified QWERTY keyboard.
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I'm sure I'll take a face shot from the Apple fans for this, but coming from the predictive text of the Pearl, I doubt the OP would be all that impressed with the predictive text on the iPhone anyway. I know I haven't been on the several occasions that I've tried it -- I find text entry of any kind to be one of its weakest features.
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Basic phones with QWERTY keyboards:
Motorola A630
Nokia 9300
Nokia 6820

Windows Mobile/Palm devices:
Palm Treo 680/750
Samsung Blackjack
HTC S710
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The new WM6 predictive text is quite good. It seems to be phrase-based and after six months seems to able to suggest around 60% suitable 4+ word phrases based on single or double letter entries and context. I was impressed. The scary thing is that it can basically enact conversation texts with my wife by now. Soon I may have to kill it.
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