Indie rock travel in the southwest...good guides?
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Looking for good online or printed travel guides featuring local indie rock venues in the American Southwest...any recommendations? Should I write one?

I have some time and money to travel around the southwest for a couple of months. I really enjoy indie rock and would like to check out local offerings in Arizona, California, Utah and New Mexico. Anyone know of good resources for finding stuff like that? I've found a few that were ok, but mostly for larger international cities. It seems like there's a million great Web 2.0 websites popping up every day for these types of there something I've missed? If not, I'm considering putting something together...
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Anyone know of good resources for finding stuff like that?

I haven't seen any around, either printed or online (but that doesn't mean they don't exist). The only way I know of places outside of my hometown is by looking at tour dates for artists that come through and just noticing that certain places turn up frequently. I guess that would be a good way to start putting a list together.

Should I write one?

posted by LionIndex at 5:52 PM on January 21, 2008 lets you view venues and events by location.

Here are some venues I know about or have been to:

Phoenix - Casablanca Lounge, Modified Arts, The Paper Heart
Tucson - Solar Culture, Plush, The Living Room, Hotel Congress, Rialto Theater, Dry River

San Diego - The Casbah, The Beauty Bar, Belly Up
Fresno - Starline, Club Fred, Kuppa Joe
SLO - Frog and Peach Pub, Downtown Brews
LA - The Echo, The Troubadour, The Knitting Factory, The Smell, Spaceland, The Fold, The Whiskey A Go Go, El Rey Theater, The Beauty Bar
Santa Cruz - Jury Room, The Catalyst, Moe's Alley, Blue Lagoon

I don't know any in UT or NM, but I know some NV venues and more northern CA if you need any.
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California - Orange County:

Detroit Bar (Costa Mesa)
Chain Reaction (Anaheim - all ages, no liquor)
Alex's Bar (Long Beach - not technically OC but we try to claim it)
The Galaxy (Santa Ana)
House of Blues (Anaheim - not very indie, but it's OC, not too many concert choices here)
The Glass House (Pomona - also not OC but wasn't mentioned in LA list above)
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