sharing internet over airport
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(mac network filter)- sharing internet over airport?

hi folks,
I'm trying to set up my iBook (running 10.3.9) to connect to internet via airport (using my iMac running 10.5.1 which is connected through Ethernet)--basically making my iMac a wireless hub. I looked into all forums but still am stuck. I followed all procedures from Apple site, can conect the iBook to the iMac network, and my ibook network prefs says I'm connected to internet via airport... But when I open Firefox or Safari, it says it can't reach the server.

bonus question- is this a safe set-up? share files, printer, itunes and internet over airport, all with passwords? Is it worth getting a hub?

thanks all
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In your network settings on the iBook, make sure your gateway is set to the IP address of the iMac.
posted by bradbane at 12:44 PM on January 17, 2008

Also make sure there is a dhcp server somewhere or you might have to manually set your IP address.
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it's all in the details... thanks DJWeezy
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(this is on the imac) go to system pref-sharing, select tab for internet sharing, select sharing from ethernet to airport, you can set it up to be secure wireless network as well. The imac will no act like a airport base station. you should be good to go.
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oh yea...and on your ibook set it so it is a DHCP connection. Let the imac take care of the IPs
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I'm with ShawnString, only I do it with an iMac and a Windows laptop. The signal is strong enough that I can work on the laptop outside in the garden. The hitch is that I couldn't get any security to work, no matter what I tried. Happily, I have no neighbors.
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