Beautiful and cheap wedding ceremony around Chicago?
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Beautiful and cheap options for a wedding ceremony around Chicago?

After learning that its free to hold a wedding ceremony at this beautiful southern california courthouse, I found myself wishing that there was an option like that around here. I've heard of people having weddings in national/state parks as well.

What is the most beautiful, least expensive (or free) place to hold a wedding ceremony in or around the Chicago area?
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i got married in my back yard in arlington heights.
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I officiated an amazing wedding at the Garfield Park Conservatory in October. It's really a gorgeous place to get married. The cost ranges from $200 to $3000, sez their website, which is a little broad, but I'd recommend talking to them.
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Promontory Point is gorgeous in the summertime.
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The Shakespeare Garden at Northwestern is supposed to be nice (in the summer anyway), and as far as I know it's free.
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Indie bride has some discussion of some venues/prices in the Chicago threads. Searching "wedding venues" on yelp can also give some ideas. The Chicago Park District has information on fees/information.
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2nding Johnny Assay - when I lived in Hyde Park I saw several wedding parties at the Point, and everything looked beautiful.

I also saw a wedding party once in the Winter Garden at the Harold Washington Library. I don't know what their pricing is like, but the space looked great and gave a spacious/outdoor vibe to a winter ceremony. (And maybe you're not quite as dorky as I am, but how cool is getting married in a library?)
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South Shore Cultural Center? Not totally cheap but so beautiful.
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I was married at The Bahia Temple in Evanston. We went to interview with someone there about the ceremony etc and after an hour I finally asked him what the cost would be. He said that they do not accept money from non-Bahias. He said that we could donate to a charity in their name, but the ceremony was free.
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The Cultural Center in downtown Chicago has ceremonies there, I think. At least a while ago they had ceremonies on one Saturday a month or something. I can't seem to find it online, though. What about on a beach? Lake Forest beach is nice, about 45 minutes north of the loop. Daniel Wright Woods is a cute and sweet forest preserve in Mettawa, about 45 min north as well. And Old School forest preserve is nice. You might poke around on the websites for the Lake County Forest Preserves, also for Cook County.
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My wife and I were married at the Cultural Center (downtown at Washington/Michigan) about 10 years ago. It was $10, payable at the City Clerk's office.
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Oh, yeah—My parents got married at the Bahai temple. It's amazingly gorgeous. Just be aware that they only let Bahais get married inside, so you'll be out in their (beautiful) gardens, which is fine for Chicago in May, but not so good for January.
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