How to get rid of small bumps on forehead?
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I seem to have a perpetual set of quite small, flesh-colored or slightly red, acne-like bumps on my forehead. These are not too obvious (though they show when I tilt my forehead in the light as imperfections in the skin), and don't look grotesque or anything. They are not pus-filled nor do they hurt when touched. How do I make them go away? Daily face-washing doesn't do much, and the one time I had a facial didn't really help either.
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Do you have bangs? Sometimes your own hair will cause that situation. Try sweeping your hair out of your face and see if they go away.
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Apply mild, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic lotion, every day, after washing. Neutrogena or Cetaphil lotion are great choices. Weekly facial scrub, too (Neutrogena, again).

Also, drink lots of water.
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Go see a dermatologist - You could make your condition worse by trying to treat it yourself.
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I had a friend with something similar. When she went to the dermatologist thinking she had acne, she found out they were actually very tiny warts. I don't know what the treatment was, but I think it was fairly simple.
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Oxy10 wash - really, it works for this. Give it a try.
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Do they look at all like this? If so, it could be milia. They're harmless, but usually the kind of extractions you get during a facial aren't enough to get rid of them. A dermatologist can do it with very little discomfort, if any.
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Maybe keratosis pilaris? I have it on my arms, but apparently it can be mistaken for acne if it's on the face.
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further, they are not acne, but I think the oil and hair cause an irritation and oxy10 wash dries out the skin a bit, well that is my theory
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I have had the same thing and use an apricot facial scrub twice a week or so.
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See your friendly neighborhood dermatologist. It could be just about anything. They could be sebaceous hyperplasia, (benignly) overgrown oil glands, and can be lasered or electro-zapped or just left alone. But really, there are so many things it could be. In my experience even dermatologists are usually guessing. I only mention sb because the forehead is one of their favorite haunts and because you say they are flesh colored, don't pop, don't hurt, and are seemingly permanent. But that still doesn't narrow it down quite enough.
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A trip to the dermatologist it is. Thanks, everyone!
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I'm going to agree with pitseleh- sounds like "flat warts." These never get big like common warts and from my experience (I had a "rash" of them o the back of my hand), they eventually go away by themselves... of course that's what they say about common warts too and I have a few that have been sticking around for 4 years and counting now, so.....
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