How to treat/prevent ingrown hairs
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How does one treat, eliminate, and prevent ingrown hairs and red bumps from from hair waxing, especially in the pubic region?

Totally annoying. How do I treat the ones I've developed and what can I do in the future to minimize or prevent the occurrence of these pesky little things?
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Rub cortisone cream on your skin right afterwards. Cortisone cream also helps calm bumps that exist.
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Tendskin, which you can get at sephora. Or you can google "homemade tend skin" and make it yourself.

A very rough recipe is 4 oz. rubbing alcohol, oz. witch hazel and 20 uncoated generic aspirin dissolved in. Dab on with a cotton ball. Tendskin is like $20, the homemade version is like under $5 and I think it actually works slightly better.
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Oxy-10 wash works for some people. It can be a bit harsh so don't let it touch the mucosa.
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Laser if you can afford it.
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I find that exfoliating with a washcloth really helps with ingrown hairs, both with waxing and shaving. It takes a couple of days but the bumps go a way and don't come back.
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I'm not sure it really helps, but I use a product (all over actually) called body polish which is really just a salt-in-oil thing. It feels really nice and is an exfoliant. Also, I can second the home-made tendskin recommendation.
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Honestly? I think some people will just get them no matter what. When I was getting Brazilians every couple of months I always suffered terribly, and not just with bumps but with a few big swollen under-the-skin lumps around ingrowns each time. I used Tendskin and cortisone and exfoliation and everything. I have stopped waxing because for me it is the only way. I hope you have better luck.
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This is weird, but I swear on my life it works great for me. A very (VERY) thin layer of Dove Sensitive SOLID unscented deodorant. I read it in a magazine once, and have pretty much sworn by it since. Also, it's WAY cheaper than that Tendskin stuff.
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Are you having the waxing professionally done? I find that if it's done at a salon, I get little to no ingrown hairs, but if I shave or wax on my own, I do.
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Seconding antiperspirant, it's amazing and cheap for prevention of bumps after waxing/shaving.
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I use Benadryl Itch Stopping Gel after shaving, and it definitely helps prevent ingrown hairs and red bumps. I used to use Bikini Zone gel but find the Benadryl works just as well, and is considerably cheaper.
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My esthetician recommended PFB Vanish, I used it after waxing and it definitely did help relieve some of the issues. Also, as far as treatment: if you can see the hair underneath the skin, my esthetician told me that it's best to squeeze hard with two fingers just around the edge and force the hair to pop out. From there just pull it with a tweezer.
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Response by poster: Exfoliate before or after the procedure?

I'm a guy, by the way, but I'm asking this question on behalf a lady friend. The mark of a good friend is one who will selflessly sacrifice his weekly AskMe question for the benefit of another. (Are you reading this, m'dear?)
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Use Preparation H (no, really) to treat them. It works!
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Unfortunately, I agree with loiseau. I've tried virtually every product and method, professional and homemade, that exists, including all of the ones recommended here, and I've never found a way to prevent either the little ingrown hairs or the big angry hard lumps. Most people will find at least one product that works for them. Some people will never be able to wax. I've gone back to shaving, and even though it's not as smooth and creates more upkeep, it's way less painful.
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Exfoliate before and after. Use an exfoliating mitt daily.

This stuff is excellent, but you can just use plain old alcohol wipes, which is what the waxers in the day spa I worked at recommended. They would give a little bundle of single use alcohol wipes to all clients to use daily for 5-7 days after waxing.

The really evil ones will probably need a sterilised needle or needle nose tweezers to coax them out. Unfortunately, even with all the exfoliation in the world, you'll still get the occasional ingrown.
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Psst, people who use homemade tendskin, antiperspirant, Preparation H, etc.

Do you apply:
1) only once, immediately post-shave/wax
2) every day to stay bump-free, or
3) when ingrowns/bumps appear?
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The deodorant, oxy wash etc. are antimicrobials which persist on the skin and help prevent the big red angry lumps. Preparation H is an anti-inflammatory medicine which will reduce the inflammation once it appears. None of these address the underlying issue which is that the hairs are being cut too short thus allowing them to retract under the skin. Proper shaving technique is the real answer, however, I don't know from waxing. Perhaps some people should just not do this and use a blade instead?
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To QueSeraSera:

Tendskin, every day.
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QueSeraSera: I use the Dove antiperspirant immediately after shaving and then everyday after a shower until I feel the situation has stabilized. I have found it really cuts down on irritation.
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Nthing antiperspirant or Tendskin. I also always wondered if regular aftershave would work.
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It's very important to disinfect right after waxing, because after each hair has been ripped out, there is a tiny wound which allows bacteria to enter. Infection=swelling, redness. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol or something containing tea tree oil. Next day, when your skin has calmed down, start using an exfoliating cream containing fruit acids for up to a week, to keep the skin soft and thin enough to allow the growing hairs to break through (instead of continuing to grow beneath the skin, causing bumps). I like the Glyderm body lotion, but you can slather on Clinique's Turnaround Cream too - it's available at most department stores. Moisturize every day!
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