POD xt and The Smiths "How Soon is Now?"
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POD xt and The Smiths "How Soon is Now?"

Any suggestions on settings on the POD XT to replicate the "wobbly" Bo Diddly guitar sound?
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Response by poster: Also - anybody know the hertz of the wobble/compression that is applied to the guitar?
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I'm skeptical that the POD is up to the task of duplicating it. According to Johnny Marr the original was first recorded, then played back through 4 different Fender Twins, all more or less in sync. (Plus multiple passes through a harmonizer for the lead line.)

Maybe try 4 PODs at once? Just kidding!
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I dont know if it helps but the effect is tremolo, I googled (POD xt tremolo "how soon is now") and got some results - though I'm not sure if it's what your'e looking for, this link seems to at least have an example of it linked via mp3 but it looks like it's for software and not a pedal.

I did see several links that were promising, also try searching pod xt tremolo patch or "how soon is now" with the patch term interchangeably. Some patch sites have enough experts that an inquiry in their forums may get you the answer you seek as well.

If you find it, link us a sample here when you try it, it would be interesting to hear your results!
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Yeah, the main effect on that line is just a really strong tremolo, at about 3.2Hz (192bpm, or some multiple of it). Stick one of the trem effects in front of your clean amp of choice, and there you have it, more or less.
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dude, you don't know the greatest resource ever for the line6 pods: the custom tone library. Search for 'smiths' and you'll find 9 different presets you can download to your pod that try to get as close to that sound as possible.
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I believe this DanielEarwicker nails it on youtube.
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I've gotten a similar effect using an amplitude modulation VST effect, but I don't know if the Pod has that setting.
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Playing technique counts for a lot on this one. Once you've got compressor + tremolo going at about the right tempo, time your picking with the "off" sweeps.

lekvar: tremolo is amplitude modulation.

PS: The newspaper told me that Johnny Marr was sighted shopping for a condo in my neighborhood. If I see him, I'll ask for you...
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