Elephant hybrids
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Everyone has heard of mules, a cross between a donkey and a horse. I've even heard of ligers, a cross between a tiger and a lion. My question is, is it possible for an African elephant to cross breed with an Asian elephant?
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Please refrain from posting racist jokes.
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Check out Motty!
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Wow. That's pretty interesting. Thanks interrobang!
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Don't forget Zorses, Zonkeys and Hebras!
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I think they call the hybrid an "elephant".

Although, I may be wrong.
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There's also polokodiak bears.

It possible the elephant's evolutionary cousins, the rock and tree hyraxes may be able to interbreed, though there's little record of "trock/dree" dassies.
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I forgot to mention Kekaimalu the wholpin.
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Don't mind me.
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Yesterday, a friend showed me a snake that's a hybrid that crossed at the genus level. It was a cross between a rattle snack and something else that I can't remember. Everyone was very surprised when he showed up (first documented case of this I believe).
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When we bring back the elephants to North America, perhaps we can mix African and Asian herds and see what happens.
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