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What are some retail credit card accounts (ie Macy's Card) that deliver good freebies, coupons, discounts or other promos for members?

I have an Express Card, and for as much as I will shop there, every time I go I have a pretty good discount coupon in hand. Once a month at least, they send a "$15 off your next purchase" or "$30 off $100" or similar discount to me, as well as coupons for freebies like travel bags, compacts, purses, with next purchase. The retail value of these promos covers the fees on my card's low balance, and though I know that's a soft value, I'd already be shopping there, so it definitely feels win-win for me.

But, I can't just buy sequined tanks ad infinitum. I have to buy housewares and power tools at some point!

So, what are some other retail credit accounts that supply good member perks like this?
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Best answer: Well you already said it, but Macy's. They often have days where you get an extra 10 or 15% off your purchase for using your card, and during December, they have a program where you give $25 to their charity program, but then you get 10% back on everything you spend that month (Christmas shopping!) in the form of a gift certificate.

If you have an Express card, then you probably don't shop at Lane Bryant. I think they are owned by the same people and have similar coupons and promotions.
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Best answer: Are you limiting this to credit accounts? The (free) Borders members "rewards" card has frequent good discounts for books and such. If you confirm your e-mail on the website, you even get discounts for other online retailers. I got 20% off at Sephora right before the holidays, which was a great deal for me. Usually they have a huge number of promotions going on at once, some of the ones that jump out at me right now are: Any Taylor Loft (20% off + free shipping), Sling Media (save 20$ + free mobile player), Dicks Sporting Goods (save 15%), Target (save 10%), (save 15%)...
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Best answer: Ohh...if rewards cards count too - BevMo. You get good discounts on a lot of their products just for signing up.
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Best answer: It's the same company as Express, but I get lots of Victoria's Secret offers: $10 off a bra or free underwear (with no purchase required), and I haven't even used the card in years. (I also get Express discounts in the mail, which I assume is because of the Victoria's Secret card.)
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Best answer: The Barnes and Noble card is much better than the Borders card in my experience, though you have to pay 20 bucks for it you get 10% off all the time and fairly frequent coupons (some of them very substantial in discount, which are good if you buy expensive books). If you get the Barnes and Noble credit card you get an extra 5% back on your statement (though it's probably 5% after the 10%) and an additional 1% in your spending sent back to you as gift cards (iirc, $1 spent outside B&N gets you one point and 2500 points a $25 gift card).
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Best answer: Ann Taylor also has deals now and then (I think each season) where you get $25 off $50 purchase if you use their credit card. Even if you get regular priced item, if you get a $130 coat, you get it for 80 bucks and wear it right away instead of waiting for the next season which is the case if you buy those that are on sale. Their affilates include, Ann Taylor petite, Limited, NY, Victoria's Secret, etc. Their offers vary though.
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Best answer: Borders also sponsors a VISA card that gets you a $5 coupon good at Waldenbooks and Borders for every $100 you spend.
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The retail value of these promos covers the fees on my card's low balance,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the reason that retailers give out these promo items is to keep you spending and carrying a balance, because the promos are not worth anywhere near the "retail value" they quote you, and they make millions of dollars a year off of credit card interest and fees. Many retailers make more money off of their credit divisions than they do off of actual sales of their products because people don't pay off their balances and end up paying large amounts of interest on their purchases. If you're not paying off your balance in full every month, you are not benefiting from these deals; you're being distracted by shiny objects, and retailers are getting rich off of you.

If, however, you can pay your balance off every month and not pay any annual or monthly fees, you can get some good deals. I've done well at Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic, which offer cards that pay 5% cash back on purchases at those stores. You also may want to simply get a cash back or "points" credit card that allows you to buy gift certificates to stores you shop at. But again, it only works if you don't carry a balance. If you pay any interest on your purchases, you end up in the red, even if it "feels" good.
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Best answer: also with victoria's secret, when you sign up you get a pass book mailed to you with free underwear cards and half off bras for the next 6 months.

(i work there.)
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Best answer: I love JC Penney in general, but also for their special events and discounts for cardmembers. I liked them so much I went to work there for a little while, and in less than a year went from the standard beginners card to a platinum card (the highest level you can get). Love them love them love them.
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Best answer: another good one is Bed Bath and beyond. get on their list and they send you a 20% off coupon every month.
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Best answer: Nordstrom sends me $20 gift certificates regularly for using my account, and I never carry a balance.
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Best answer: The Kohl's retail credit card may be worth looking into if you are trying to save on housewares, etc. They often offer an extra 15% off just for using the card, and they are pretty good at sending coupons & sale notices in the mail.
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