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I'm wanting to move to a bank with a better online experience (and solid features). I'm currently in Tampa, FL though I'm hoping to move to Orlando in the near future. I like my current back, but the online experience is... lacking. Anyone really like their bank and it's online interface?
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I've had Bank of America for a few years. Couldn't be more pleased with their online interface for checking/savings/investing/bill pay. They go out of their way to make it really user friendly in my opinion.

(Of course it makes fiscal sense for them to do that, because less calls to customer service = less customer service reps = less salaries for them to pay).
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+1 for BoA's online features. I've used their online bill pay services for years and have always liked it.

Looking at the BoA site, I see that there are a few branches in and around Orlando. Same for Tampa. So if you need offline service, you shouldn't be stuck.
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USAA. I haven't tried any other bank's online features, so maybe USAA's are actually awful compared to what they could be, but I'm happy with them.
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I have had no issues with Citibank's online features. I do everything online, pay bills, transfer money between accounts.

Looks like there are no actual branches in Orlando though. Just ATMs. That's the other thing I like about Citibank. Their ATMs are in 7-11 stores. Easy to get cash without fees.
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I haven't used Bank of America, so I can't really say, but there have been several stories on consumerist that would give me pause (1, 2).
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Bank of America's online interface does rock.
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I'm really happy with Bank of America, which I've been using for 4.5 years now. The bill pay service is great (you can add your own payees, so you're not limited to their list; I don't know if that's a limitation of some banks online services or not, but it's convenient as hell). And I like being able to move money between my checking and savings accounts (and make payments on my BoA Visa) whenever I want. The interface is very quick and easy to use. Actually, now that I think about it, I haven't had to go inside a BoA branch since I set up my checking/savings accounts 4.5 years ago.
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Umpteenthing Bank of America. You can even do your budget and assess your net worth right on the site. It completely eliminates the need for financial software (if you're the kind of person who uses such things).
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Having used USAA, BoA, and Citibank, I'd have to give the nod to BoA for its web interface. I've read some of the ugly stories about BoA (apart from its website), so I'm not necessarily endorsing their service overall.
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+1 on USAA. They just upgraded their billpay interface. And they pay you back all those ATM fees.
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It should be noted that you need to be affiliated with the military to use USAA.
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BofA has a great Web site, it is true. However they can be colossal jerks too. I've talked to some people who shared my jerky experience and some who have been very satisfied.

I am considering a move to USAA, for the ATM fee reason and all the positive things I've heard about them. Keep in mind that you have to qualify for USAA--you or a family member need to have been in the military. My dad swears by them for insurance.
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I've only banked online with Wachovia, but I've never had a problem with them. I really don't have any complaints, although I wouldn't be surprised if Bank of America was better. I just went with Wachovia because they own all the ATMs at my school.
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Nthing Bank of America.
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Bank of America's website is pretty awesome, the only time I go into a branch is when I need to do a very large transfer to a friend or relative. As far as horror stories go - Bank of America is like any other extremely large company: probability dictates that sometimes a jerk slips through the hiring process and creates a few dustups before they're culled. I've had a lot of stellar experiences, and one moderately unpleasant one - as far as I can tell their issues are generally not systemic.
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Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, and Wachovia are among the best bets for Florida in terms of their websites. Personally, I think BoA is in another tier than the other three--it really is that good.
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I had Bank of America and although their web interface IS great, they also had a lot of stupid fees that were always driving me into negative numbers (i was a broke college student at the time). So that's something to consider.

I use Washington Mutual and their interface is very nice, especially compared to Commerce and the local credit union i have also used which were annoying.
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Umpteenth kudos for the Spank of America online interface. Have used Sun Trust as well, and for it pretty easy to use.
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I, too, have read the horror stories about BoA on Consumerist, but I've never had a problem with them so far. So nthing BoA.
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I've been using Wachovia online banking for years. I like it a lot, because it's easy to use and has lots of features. Last year they updated it to be 100% Firefox/Opera friendly - which is a plus for me.
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Once they decided to start charging to cash checks drawn on their fine institution at their own branches, I decided I wouldn't consider dealing with them for demand deposit accounts. I do have a credit card with them and their website is just fine.

My SO used Suntrust before she moved away and liked them a lot. She still has a few bucks in an account with them, in fact.
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I really like USBank for a number of reasons, including their free, guaranteed online banking and customer service (my bank calls me to let me know if I'm ever overdrawn). I would recommend them to anybody.

Also, if you're able to get a student account, you should do so because it comes with a $700 reserve line, free checking, and debit credit card. They also offer really good loan rates and other services.
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Wachovia has been very serviceable for me.
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Uh, my first couple of sentences were referring to Bank of America. Sorry for being such a doofus.
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"I have both ING Direct (savings (4.5%), checking (4%), and CDs (5.35%)) and HSBC (savings (5.05%)). HSBC pays more interest, but I hate its interface. I keep most of my liquid money in HSBC because of the rate, but I regularly transfer money from HSBC to ING for paying bills because the ING interface is great." (Posted July 16, 2007. The rates may have changed.)
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USAA. Awesome features, better customer service.
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I can second ING Direct as the way to go. I was a Bank of America Customer who, while satisfied with their online interface, was very unsatisfied with fees and interest rates. My ING savings currently offers 4.10%. Moreover throughout the entire account opening with ING I was impressed by the utility and ease of the interface - clearly an internet bank has to have a strong internet presence, but the whole thing has been set up flawlessly and is really above board. Heartily recommended!
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NikitaNikita: Thanks for brightening my day.
<snort>Spank of America</snort>
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