Help me find Serbian snacks in the UK
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Does anyone know of any shops that sell Eastern European food (Serbian or Croatian) in England?

Hopefully they deliver nationally.

A website would be even better.

I can't find anything on the internet.

Products I'm looking to find include Smoki, Bajadera, some Spinach soups and a few other treats.
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I've never seen Croatian foods for sale in England - it's mostly Polish stuff nowadays!

I remember looking online for Prosek a few years back, and found a couple of companies who import/distribute Croatian and similar foods - perhaps that would be an acceptable alternative?
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Berezka on the Finchley Road is Russian-centric.
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Don't know about England, but I can get all of those things here. If you want, we can try to arrange some kind of swap. (I'm eager for Cadbury treats and books.) My e-mail is in my profile.
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Sidebar advert on this link goes to:

John and Sons
103 Uxbridge Road
London W12 8NL
Tel: 020 8743 9224
"The place to go for all Croatian/Eastern European food"

Most serb / croat community in London is around Notting Hill / Chelsea / North Ken IIRC
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