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I have played previous versions of Wipeout on PS1 and PS2 and I seem to remember the ability to Boost Start at the beginning of a race. I now have Wipeout Pulse on the PSP and don't seem to be able to do this, or find any information on how to do it. Am I missing something?
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I had trouble with this too, they seem to have changed it on the PSP versions.

You need to press accelerate on or just after the "Go!", as if you're reacting to that, rather than timing it with the countdown.
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Have you tried the Wipeout Pure method of pressing the accelerator right at "GO"? I haven't played Pulse (or Pure, for that matter—no PSP!) but that's what the FAQ for Pure said. Pulse is likely to be similar to Pure, as I don't think the boost start mechanic changed much between the PS1 versions.

If that fails, try the WipeoutZone forums, someone there's bound to know.
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Its there, its just a lot more sensitive. Its right when the announcer says go.
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