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Ok, I know there is a lot of info out there about this already but haven't found what I'm looking for. Any Vancouver"ites" know about the current status of the New Amsterdam cafe? I havent found a web site for them, and I hear that in the past few years several of the "pot cafes" have been shut down.

So, whats the status of tourists being able to find the green who will be in Vancouver for a few days. Thanks.
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I'm pretty sure it's still there. "The green" isn't my thing in any way, but I'm pretty sure I've driven past it on the way to Highway 1. IIRC, it's somewhere around Cambie and W. Hastings, and similar establishments are also in that area.
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Last I've heard it is still there. You should know that you cannot officially buy or sell pot on the premises. The staff might kick you out if you try. There is a room where you can smoke it, no more.
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Your best bet is to find a local and make friends.
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