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Help me find an attractive 2008 diary for a friend. She wants 365 dated pages, one page per day to write in. In Vancouver BC, or online would be fine. Thanks.
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SansPoint has the best answer here: specifically, I recommend the daily planner.
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The daily planner has a page for each day and comes in black or red. I have it in black.
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Attractive, maybe not, but I love a Standard Diary because they are hardcover, simple, and red..
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She probaly wants 366 pages.
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I think she wants something larger than the small moleskins, and the large journals don't have 365 pages. She's a retired, elderly woman, so wants space for daily musings rather than business. Decorative, with a nice cover would be better than simply functional.
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By 365 do you mean *exactly* 365 (or as pointed out, 366)? Because the large moleskine has 380 pages, dated.

Does it need to be dated or just have the right number of pages? Something like this leather bound journal might be nice if it doesn't need dates.
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She seems to want dated pages, although I suggested she could date them herself. And yes, point taken: 2008 is a leap year. Some good suggestions here, thanks; keep them coming. Maybe a handmade product, or something from an art supply store?
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If she wants handmade, Levenger Circa or Rolabind seem to be good.

But nthing the Moleskine daily. It's awesome, especially the red one.
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My friend's wife makes beautiful journals you can see and buy at Forgotten Toybox. They're all handmade one-of-a-kind (some examples here).

There are more in her etsy shop here.
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My fiancee loves her Moleskine planner. I used the one which is half notes half a date book and liked it a lot, till I got my iPhone.
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Just thought I'd add that the Chapters at Robson and Howe has a decent selection of notebooks, journals, and planners (including Moleskine) if you want to physically inspect one before you buy it, although they seem a bit pricey there: something like $25 for the 5.25 x 8.25 ruled Moleskine notebook vs. $15 online.
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I use a Moleskine (not the daily, but the weekly) and it's the only planner I've managed to stick to using. So I'm nthing the above suggestions and would recommend it being bought online. Amazon always seem to have them cheaper than anywhere else.
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