Nostalgic photos near Norwich?
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Help me find the closest photo booth to Norwich, VT. I'm looking for a booth that takes pictures in vertical strips of four. I'm willing to go anywhere be it roller rink, movie theater or country and western bar. There isn't a google maps for this, is there?! (I wouldn't be surprised.)
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There's one at Diesel Cafe in Somerville, MA. At least, there was. I haven't been there in a while.
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Best answer: What are you doing in Norwich, B-squared? I'll tell you what you're doing, you're making me homesick! (I grew up in Hanover.)

Anyway, not exactly close, but at least a little closer that Sommerville, is Hampton Beach. There are a bunch of arcades all along the coast, and I've seen photo booths in more than one of them.
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I don't recall seeing one at the White River Junction fun center/bowling alley, which is the first place that came to mind. I'll keep my eyes open, but I can't recall seeing one of those since I was a kid.
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You mean UPPER VALLEY LANES AND GAMES? [emphasis mine]

There's no way something as wholesome as a photobooth would be in that place, though maybe if you asked the dancers at Shenanigans, the strip joint next door, they'd take four pictures of you.

Another thought, B-squared, is the Lake Winnipesaukee area. While I can't specifically remember a booth there, I'm willing to make a small wager that you'd be able to track one down. There are tons of mini-golf/water park/arcade type establishments.

Ooh, and looking at, there are definitely ones in Hampton Beach and Salem, MA, which are each about 2 hours away, depending on traffic.
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You can rent one if you have a few grand to spend from the Vermont Photobooth Company. Or email them and see if a photobooth is going to be set-up at a public event.
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I know they are abundant inside big shopping malls in upstate NY (Troy, Albany, Colonie). I don't know if you are willing to drive 3 hours.
Or upload a photo to Portrait Booth. I have used them. Mixed results.
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Best answer: There's a digital version of a photobooth in University Mall in South Burlington, VT, just outside the Applebee's restaurant. It's not the ol' timey variety...
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(SpiffyRob: We go candlepin bowling at Upper Valley Lanes on occasion and it seems fine to us. Didn't know anything about the strip club. I have certainly seen worse places in other parts of the country. I see you are in IL. Are your memories from a time long ago or recent, because I don't recognize the place you describe.)
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Response by poster: Looks like I'll be hitting the road! Thanks guys.
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