L.A.-area picnic spot?
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what's an awesome picnic spot in L.A.?

recommend somewhere where I and a ladyfriend can have a picnic, within an hour or so of Los Angeles. I am of course aware of Griffith Park and such, but something a little more off the beaten path would be nice. It doesn't have to be totally isolated, but the more private the better.

Bonus points for awesome views of cities, valleys, very large rocks, etc. We don't mind hiking a bit to get there, within reason. thanks!
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I assume you're also familiar with Angeles National Forest, but if not, it's gorgeous.
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there's a beautiful, meadowy area in topanga state park on the E. topanga fire road. i've only ever accessed it by mountain bike from reseda, but it appears you can get there from topanga canyon blvd., via entrada road and waveview drive, which would be a short walk.

google maps link
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Response by poster: I am indeed aware of the Angeles, and it is awesome. But it's also very large and the weather varies widely from spot to spot. I'd be a bit lost just driving up there and hoping for the best.

so if you know any specific spot in the forest, that'd be perfect. thanks!
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Response by poster: (I am looking at "picnic areas" on their website now, but not much detail given)
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I've enjoyed hikes into Eaton Canyon. Plenty of places to spread out a blanket.
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Have you ever tried Fryman Canyon?

I think a picnic in the "Rainforest" at the bottom of the canyon would be wonderful.
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Response by poster: thanks for the answers so far, I'm googling around too. Any opinions on Switzer falls? I'm reading it may be crowded (we're going Sat.), but that we can maybe hike downstream to find some relative privacy? Does that sound accurate?
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within an hour or so of Los Angeles

Santa Catalina Island is not within an hour of L.A. by ferry, but it's +10 awesome. Plus, you get a boat ride where you might see dolphins.
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Take the Vermont up to Griffith Observatory and park. Then walk away from the observatory, up the hill, where you'll find a trail leading to various little spots with views of the city below, and the Hollywood sign off to the right -- perfect for a picnic.

Unless it's raining.
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Rocketship Park. Awesome views from PV of downtown and the mountains beyond, which are stunning right now with all of the new snow. The street address is 5101 Calle de Ricardo, in Torrance (the city calls it Los Arboles Park).
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You should email jonson if he doesn't show up in this thread. I moved away from LA 12 years ago (good lord!), so I have no idea if my favorite spots are still there, but I know jonson knows of quite a few of them.
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My wife and I went to Oak Glen recently, and although it was a bit busy at the time of year that we went, I think that can be avoided, depending on the day.
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Best answer: Switzer Falls is nice and rocky but I think the path to Sturtevant Falls in Chantry Flats (Angeles National Forest) to be more scenic, and it is just a few minutes longer drive than it would be to get out to Switzer. Also, there are several spots on the way up to pull out and take in the views. The falls.
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Temescal Canyon
Malibu Creek
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