Nicotine Beverages?
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Why are there no nicotene beverages? Wouldn't this be a good way to eliminate lung cancer? Why is no one selling "Nico-Tea"?
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The FDA has done a good job of shutting them down.
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It can affect your stomach's acid and bicarb production, potentially leading to stomach ulcers. Its metabolism may be toxic to your liver.

It's also highly toxic more generally--most people don't realize this. Nicotine is commercially sold as an insecticide. It's estimated that eating 6-10 cigarettes can kill an adult. It activates your nicotinic receptors, found in your autonomic nervous system as well as all your muscles, and causes paralysis. If you're not put on a ventillator, or given medications to reverse the blockade, your diaphragm gives out and you suffocate to death.
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Hmm. So, would it be deadly to steep the stuff?
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(And - for the record - I *have* heard that nicotine in its pure form is intensely deadly.)
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And I'm not planning on doing this - I'm just curious.
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Can't say for sure, interrobang, but I have a gardening book from the 30's that includes a recipe for insect spray where you soak an ounce of tobacco in water to make it. It recommends not getting any on you...
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Now, if I read this thread first, then this one... sorted!
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Because of increasing smoking bans, a bar in Florida has started serving the "nicotini". Personally I think it's a great idea and I'd hate to see it banned.

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interrobang--yes. The methods file (which is of dubious reliability, but I think they're correct on this) claims that 40-60 mg of pure nicotine will kill you. Steeping it will give you a lethal mix and you can increase the concentration by boiling offf the water so you just have a gooey nicotine sludge.

I've also been told, though I can't find anything to support it offhand, that it's a fairly undetectable method for poisoning someone who smokes -- forensically it's difficult to distinguish between the amounts of nicotine in the body from smoking and lethal amounts, especially if nobody's looking. Apparently the symptoms resemble a heart attack.
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A number of native South American cultures traditionally used beverages made from tobacco leaves. Here is a reference to its use.
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Aside from the fact that it actually will kill you, nicotine tastes like poison too, as any nicotine gum user can attest. I don't know how that Nicotini thing works, but it's hard to imagine a way to mask the burning sensation in your throat you get from the gum.
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Actually, a number of pep drinks in Japan (such as Regain) do contain nicotine, caffeine, sugar, and probably some vanishingly small proportion of herbs used in Chinese medicine. These are typically sold in bottles of about 100 ml; the drinks are yellow and look disgusting. I've never tried one.
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Interesting. Thanks, everyone.
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