What language does a monkey speak?
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In the Wii game Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure (the best game yet for the Wii), does Wiki actual speak Japanese words? I occasionally hear some English words, but I was wondering if some of her babbling was in Japanese? Same questions for Captain Rose, the goons and Barbaros.
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Best answer: Having taken a minor in Japanese, I recognized some Japanese words in the sounds. Generally they're exclamations ("Sugoi!" = "Cool!") rather than whole sentences, and they capture the attitude/expression of the character in the moment. Some of it is generic grumbling rather than words, and the Goons didn't seem to say anything intelligible to me.

To answer your question though, you are definitely hearing some Japanese.
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Response by poster: Thanks. My japanese is very bad, but I thought I caught "Sugoi"
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