Wii games fit for a casual gamer but with a great story
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I'm looking for Nintendo Wii games that scratch my epic storyline itch but won't frustrate my intermediate skill and very intermittent play opportunities...

I like video games but I'm a merely adequate gamer skill-wise and generally too busy to play very consistently. I really enjoy games with a good storyline with some scope and art but often the best games frustrate me because I can't invest enough time to master the play and get hung up at a difficult point.

By way of example, my favorite Gamecube game was Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. A common complaint of this game was that it was too easy, but it was perfect for me: it had a good story, interesting play dynamics but I could make good progress with the odd hour or two session I found available, and always found it easy to pick up when a week or two had elapsed. By contrast, I never finished Metroid Prime - certainly not an excessively hard game, but I hit a point where there was a long gap between saves and several tough enemies between and I just got frustrated after the third or fifth time I foundered at some challenging point and found myself stuck with no progress after a longish gaming session.

I have standard controllers with nunchucks and a classic controller for virtual console games, I'd rather not invest in any more hardware but I'd consider picking up a Gamecube controller or other peripheral for the right game. No console modding. Help me find alternatives to channel surfing!
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Best answer: Okami has an epic storyline. And I've seen a few complaints that it's too easy. Trauma center has selectable difficulties, short play times, and episodic narrative. Super Paper Mario is a neat side scroller / RPG with good writing and not too difficult. Really, if you've got an hour of freetime, pretty much everything but maybe Metroid and Zelda should be doable.

Unfortunately, my Wii collection doesn't have much else in the way of "good storyline," but sorta of the opinion that if you want a good story, read a book.
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Seconding Paper Mario. I thought the story was super fun and the gameplay was clever.
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The Ace Attorney games on WiiWare are pretty much nothing but stories with the occasional logic puzzle.

I've played them on the DS and think they were pretty great.
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I will second Okami.
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Okami is a fun story and beautiful to boot...although I've only played it on the PS2. Definitely doable in 1 hr chunks. One of the few games I replay at least once a year, and I've had it for ... 3-4 years?
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Epic Mickey?
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Nthing Okami, frigging amazing. I am just like you - casual player, wants a narrative, crap at computer games, can't abide anything too hard. Okami was perfect.

An example, if you fall off a cliff, you don't die; they dock one health and pop you back up next to where you fell off. After nearly slitting my wrists in Mario Galaxy, it was a breath of fresh air.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions so far, Okami an obvious winner, I'll keep watching the thread.
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Have you played Resident Evil 4 yet? I really enjoyed the game and the story. One of the best games I've ever played. The Wii Edition is excellent.
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I've been disappointed in Wii games in general, but Resident Evil 4 is excellent and really works with the Wiimote. It does require a bit of commitment, though.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade sounds like it might be more like you want. It has a decent story and some beautiful art, and it's not too hard on the default difficulty.
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If you like disney epic mickey comes out today.
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Beyond Good and Evil is exactly what you're describing.
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Best answer: You know, I'm playing Harry Potter Lego on my iPhone, and I've seen it played on the Wii, and I think you might like it. There's Star Wars lego, too, I think? It isn't hard to grasp, I make good progress in the hour or so I play before bed, some of the puzzles or battles are challenging. You don't have to know anything about Harry Potter for it to be fun.
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Okami is great, and not too hard overall; I highly recommend it.

But it does have occasional control problems/frustrating minigames that might hold you up, on the wii, though overall I like the use of the wiimote. First thing you need to know: hold down z to make straight lines (it is nearly impossible without this). This isn't very clearly documented in the manual, and is different from the ps2 version I believe. Also, not all the digging minigames are required, and rather than get stuck at the required ones just watch the youtube videos showing you how to do them. Finally, I found the drawing to be much more accurate when you are positioned directly in front of the IR sensor at about 6ft; being at an angle really messed things up.
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Not sure if this will scratch your itch or not, but a friend of mine who sounds like he has similar tastes got Monster Hunter Tri and really loves it.
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Best answer: Dead Space: Extraction is a fun rails shooter with a cheesy but fairly epic story. It's designed to be played in short chunks (each level is about 10-15 minutes long) and has adjustable difficulty.

I'm going to recommend the LostWinds games as well (available on WiiWare). The platforming is satisfying in a puzzle-like way without being overly tricky. The story's nothing to write home about but the art is amazing.
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monster hunter tri isn't exactly easy peasy.

you might like the wiiware game "swords and soldiers" - cute story, short levels
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All the Monkey Island games! They are on WiiWare and have a great silly storyline. They take no gamer reflexes at all.
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Little Kings Story!

You can adjust the difficulty at anytime in the game if a part feels too hard\too easy. I'm more on the "hardcore" gamer side of things than casual but I thought the story was wonderful and there is plenty to do in the game itself.
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Just a note that Resident Evil 4 was very cool, but probably too hard. I died a ton and never finished.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance was easy to play in short increments. The story was meh, but might be enough to suck you in if you're interested in comics/superheroes.
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Fyi I found Little King's Story too hard, and a bit too much Sims stuff not enough story stuff.

I've not played it, but want to try Endless Ocean 2. Deadly creatures is also meant to have a relatively good story.
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How about Zelda: Twilight Princess? I've played through some but not all of the game and there are extensive walkthroughs for this (and other popular games) if you happen to get stuck somewhere.
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Best answer: The new James Bond game is really fun. Each mission can be completed in about 30 - 45 minutes and the online matches typically last 10 - 15 minutes. I don't have great "shooter skills", yet I still have found it to be a really fun game.

I'd second Monkey Island if you like adventure games.

The length of the sections of Resident Evil 4 may be too unpredictable for you. Save points are sporadic. It's an awesomely fun game and I highly recommend it, but it may not fit your needs.

I've enjoyed Okami, but I'm stuck at what I think is the last major section. The game just seems to go on and on. I may not be able to finish it. But I've really enjoyed it up until the end.
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Response by poster: Thanks again for all the great suggestions. I highlighted the ones I'm most likely to try but all the advice and suggestions are much appreciated.
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