Help me create a new secret identity
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What's a playful and interesting but still respectable online handle for an "official" identity I'm creating on the website I work for?

I work for a website that deals mainly in TV, movie, celebrity and TV-related news, listings, and stuff of that sort. I'm working on building and generating interest in the community aspect of the site. I'm already active there, but need an identity for "official" communication to users: for example, when I write them a quick note telling them that they've been chosen as a featured user for the front page. Since this identity will represent the company in a more formal capacity, I don't want to use my real identity (I'm mostlymartha there as well).

Thus I need a name. My boss just said, "You know. . . pick a really good name," which was not super helpful. I'd like it to be funny or punny or memorable in some way. A name that references what the site is about (TV) in some kind of wordplay way might work, since the name of the site itself does a similar thing. Any ideas?
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Programming Director would seem to work well
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Please Stand By
Test Pattern
Center Square
Master Remote
Telly Prompter
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D. Gauss
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Network Executive.

Although I'm just ripping that off from TWoP.
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you could be marthamydear, after the song inspired by paul mccartney's old english sheepdog.
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Chief Couch Potato
Dr. Hereford Remote III
Dieter von Tubeapple
Kai Ron
Viewer Female
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MeeVee Guide (just a guess)
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I immediately thought of Sweet Smell of Success, the definitive movie about showbiz publicity. The lead character is Sidney Falco, and the big-time columnist he's always trying to persuade is JJ Hunsecker. Maybe you could build something catchy out of that? It would be a treat for the people who know the movie.
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Important Messenger
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"D. Gauss" and "Telly Prompter" (both suggested by cairnish) are excellent. "Dee Gauss" could work, too.
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Perez Hilton Jacobs
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Remote Controller.
Camera Dolly.
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Oh yeah: Groovy Martha. This reference may only work for people above a certain age (cough).

I actually had a friend named Martha and we called her that because, well, she was pretty groovy. So I'm recycling.
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Your Humble Host(s)
Daily Sobriety
Electric Eye
This Space Left Intentionally Awesome
Gordon's Dry Chin
Motion Pitcher
The Front Desk
The Powers that Be
Patent Test Pattern
Patent Leather Test Pattern
The Academy
Regular Expressor (Regex)
Warm Set
The Box
Large Marge
Marge In'Charge
Foucault's Speculum (oh wait, that was for a different question)

Fearless Reader (or you could refer to your fan base as such)
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On my best friend's official website and forums I'm her Webmistress.
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Martha Steward

Martha Vineyard

Martha Tyler Moore

Martha Jancindy Brady

Martha V. Mothra
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Boob Tube? (might not be "official" enough for a buttoned-up-type cite)
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Gamise T. Manassou
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