Temp Agencies for Do-Gooders?
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What temp agencies serve the non-profit community in the Bay Area?

In D.C., I was spoiled for choice with temp agencies specifically geared towards placements in the non-profit community. Here, I'm having a problem finding something similar. I'm currently employed but think it would be worth my while to quit while my sanity still holds. I have a couple interviews with new jobs set up over the next couple weeks but would like to have a backup. Any recommendations for temp agencies that are particularly good?
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Best answer: This was a long time ago, but I worked with Unsworth Personnel back in the late nineties and they were great. Looks like they're still around. (I'm not in SF anymore.)
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The foundation I work for uses Unsworth Personnel a lot and they've been great. That's from the employer point of view, though, so YMMV.
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This is a non-profit job listing website. They are not strictly temp, but there are some short term/contract jobs posted as well as permanent jobs.
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My Non-profit uses People Connection. That's how I got my job there. http://www.people-connection.com/
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