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HoneymoonFilter. I'm getting married at the end of July, and I'm in charge of the honeymoon. I've been thinking of a nice, week-long getaway for us, one that involves cycling and good food and is within a day's drive of SoCal. I've thought about Napa and Sonoma, but my initial research made my bank account scream in terror. Any of you frugal and romantic MeFites got any suggestions?
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The hotel is probably going to be the big cost for you anywhere in California. I'm trying to think of romantic stuff I did in college when I didn't have any money...

Go up to Big Sir, you can ride to Carmel (20 something miles) or around Big Sir and see the ocean. I stayed in a small privately-owned campsite called Ventana (I think) that was about $15-20 a night for a tent spot. It was expensive for camping, but we had a private spot next to a stream, with hot showers a short walk away and it was probably the nicest car camping I ever did (I splurged on food and firewood and we ate like kings). I did this in May or June, so it might be crowded by July.

Del Mar and San Diego aren't that expensive and there are tons of good rides down there.

Bishop in the Eastern Sierra can be nice and cheap. Tons of hiking and things to see around there. Ditto farther up towards Tahoe. I hear a lot of people stay in the cheap casinos on the Nevada side, avoid the gambling, and go explore the California side.

If you can get a reservation and live with a totally crowded camping experience, Yosemite is great, though now that I think about it, it's probably not a good honeymoon trip.

I've never been to Catalina or any of the other freak islands, but I think you can camp on some of the freakier smaller ones. I've always wanted to do that.
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We went to Tahoe and had a great time for relatively little cash. Lots of outdoor activities, plenty of opportunity to party at night.

Looking in the other direction, how about San Felipe? I personally haven't been there, but I hear it's fun. Approx. 6hrs from L.A., less crowded than the Pacific side of Baja. Again, many opportunities for outdoor activities.

And congratulations!
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This is not a honeymoon recommendation per se but I thought I'd mention Angel Island. The time I stayed there I was the only camper on the island. I got views of San Franciso and Oakland and sounds of working ships in the bay. During the day the place gets crowded with people but if you can find a night when there aren't a lot of campers on the island it'd be be pretty cool for a night rather the whole week. The next day you could go eat in San Francisco and continue on with the rest of your honeymoon. Before you think about doing this for a night it might be worth talking with the rangers on the island.
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They're tacky (and lack cycling), but cruises are usually good deals.

As a way to travel, cruises suck ass. Everything is prepackaged and digested. But as a way to have a relaxing week, they excel. And I assure you that after going through the whole wedding mess, you will want a chance to decompress.

The fares aren't much more than you'd expect for a decent hotel and meals per day. And there's not much to do except laze around, be mooney-eyed at each other until someone gets That Look in their eye, and go to another tasty meal.

Otherwise, I'd suggest going to Vegas and getting a wonderful tacky room with shag carpet and a big tub that bubbles.
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I think that a Mojave Desert getaway would be cool -- plenty of biking options, and even some tourist-y things to do, too (here, here, here, here, here, and (cool!) here .

Have fun - and bring back pictures to share!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, gang! I'll let y'all know what adventures we decide to take.
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Big Sur and Cambria are wonderful and inexpensive.

I also recommend Solvang, CA.
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