Holistic Health Degrees
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Does anyone have experience with schools that offer holistic/alternative health degrees? I'd like to begin taking a few courses, but am not sure where to begin. I'm looking at Distance Learning for now as I would be unable to relocate for at least a year. I've researched and found many schools that offer these courses, but if anyone has any insider information or advice on reputable places, I'd be grateful.
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You might want to get in touch with the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) in Virginia Beach, VA. It is connected to the Edgar Cacey Foundation and may be able to give you more information on such schools as you're looking for.
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Here in Seattle, Bastyr is the mecca for alternative health degree seekers. Not sure about distance learning, but worth relocating for if you're serious. My girlfreind was/is and that's why I am here.
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Friend. Girl Friend.
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icetaco, are you currently attending Bastyr? sorry i didn't understand by the way you stated your comment.

but if you're there, i'm curious to hear more about your experiences. is it a "mecca" only to those who are seeking the degrees, or does it have a high regard in the field as well? i don't mean that to diss your school or anything, don't get me wrong. just wanted to know.

my boyfriend has been looking far and wide for a place like that, and i'm hoping to pass this info on to him. thanks for asking this, zosia!
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Bastyr U site. I'm generally very skeptical of "alternative" medicine, but I've done a bit of research into Bastyr, and it does indeed seem to be the most highly-regarded school of its' type in the U.S -- certainly among "believers," but also in traditional circles.

I suspect that Naturopathy will grow rapidly in popularity, and Bastyr will lead the way.
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Oops -- forgot to include Bastyr's accreditation page. As far as alternative/holistic medicine goes, this is probably as good as you're going to find.
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One more: take a look at the N.D. curriculum; as you can see, it is not simply some sort of "light candles, meditate, and ingest herbs" program; it appears to integrate allopathic (ie, traditional) medicine with elements of non-traditional healthcare.

Sorry to keep going -- but this field fascinates me to some degree, as I see traditional medicine more willing to consider this type of program and these types of providers. Non-physician providers (PAs, Nurse Practitioners, NDs, etc) are, I believe, going to become the primary caregivers in America within 20 or 30 years.
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