A real live person at UPS?
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Can someone point me to a phone number for UPS where I can get a real person on the line? I've tried navigating their annoying phone menus and sent an email (easier to ignore than a phone call), but can't get to a real person.

I'm in NJ, if that matters. And its a customer service issue - paid for 2nd day shipping and now my tracking indicates it won't be delivered today. I watched the UPS truck go flying by my house around 3pm today, so I'm pretty confident it was driver error... and of course, its equipment that I need first thing tomorrow morning. Murphys Law, I guess...

Any help will be appreciated!
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Just call and don'y press anything when prompted, after a while it will put you through to an operator.
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gethuman.com might help.
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Just keep saying customer service.
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I've had deliveries this late.
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I don't think it's driver error because they have to attempt to deliver everything on their truck. Maybe it didn't make it to the truck. Can you do a Yahoo local search and find the local UPS branch? There is usually a central hub that is open later and you might be able to pick up your package in person if you need it tonight.
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After a certain amount of cussing out loud at the voicemail prompts, I usually find my way to a human. Maybe there are key words that pop out in the course of frothing at the mouth that triggers that, but I've never figured out what. "NO, WHAT I WANT IS TO SPEAK TO A HUMAN BEING!" might be it.

It's rough to tone it back down when you do get a real person, but please do.

This kind of thing is just a small part of why I won't order anything that I know will be shipped by UPS.

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Call the 800 number. Select the most relevant option from the first menu, then say "customer representative" on the second or any later menu.
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Thanks guys!

BobbyDigital - tried that, didn't work.
Modernsquid - thanks for the reminder about that - I'm off to look...
Sugarfish - tried that too...
Smackfu - I'd be greatful if they did deliver, but I almost always get UPS deliveries between noon and 3pm. Never later in the 5 years I've lived here.
45moore45 - it DID say "out for delivery" so I think it must've been on the truck. And of course, even if it was available to be picked up at the local branch, tonight I've got no car! Can't win...
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Keep hitting 0. That usually works for me.
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I can typically get a human by pressing 0 repeatedly. If that doesn't work, i'll go to the next menu down and press 0 repeatedly.

And for those who hate the crappy voice recognition systems, you can still type in numbers as answers - just pay attention to the order!
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Pressing 0 was the suggestion made at GetHuman.com too - I'm on hold right now....
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Problem solved, sort of. Pressing 0 twice, plus a wait on hold DID get me a real person - Thanks!
Unfortunately, 45moore45 had it correct - it was scanned but never got on the truck. They're gonna reimburse me for the difference in the shipping cost though, so I guess that's ok. I still won't have that equipment for my shoot tomorrow though - monday hopefully.
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Glad you got through. The zero suggestion to get to a live person is what we were officially told to do when I was working in a call center.
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ISTR I said something like "operator" and the system recognized what I said, but made me go through some extra questions first.
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