I can haz reminder?
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Help me get organized: I am looking for a small, very portable PDA-ish device that makes it really easy to program, display, and check off all sorts of reminders (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc.) with the option to set alarms.

I don't really need this device to check my email, answer calls, take pictures, or chop, grind, and puree fresh vegetables -- in fact, I would rather avoid any functionality I don't need that complicates operation, which is why I'm hesitant to buy one of the numerous available smartphones, crackberries, and other things with long feature lists. My priorities are ease of data entry, clarity of interface, portability/battery life, and alarm capability.
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Check ebay for a Sony Clie? I have one in the closet that pre-dates the Smartphone/PDA era. Has a memory slot and (at the time) I found it a pretty functional little organizer.
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Get a Palm device (an old one will be cheaper) and Datebk6.
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Hmm. Do you use Outlook, or anything along those lines? I ask because you mention ease of data entry, and you can't get much easier than auto-syncing. Or will you be using this entirely as a standalone device?
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I'd suggest an old Palm. The m100 would probably fit the bill, especially as it takes AA batteries rather than rechargeables. You could get one for $4 on eBay. If you want something newer and nicer, the Palm z22 is probably what you want. I'd get it new, with Amazon selling it for $88.

(Palm have pretty much got two lines - upscale stuff such as the old v, m500, T|X, and lower end stuff such as the old III, m100 and z22. I'd say go for the lower end - the higher end is all the bells and whistles you don't want.)

If you're uncomfortable with the text input system (writing on the screen), you could go for an old Psion (not sure what they're known as in the US) - the Revo is probably your best bet, as it's pretty small and svelte compared to the others.
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Response by poster: I would prefer a standalone device, and one that would let me enter new items directly. However, if there is a good device that requires me to use Outlook, I would consider it.
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Do you already have a cell phone and a plan that allows you to send/receive a fair number of text messages?

If so, I'll point out that a combination of Twitter and Remember The Milk has been working out for me.

I can create/complete/postpone events from my phone (which admittedly has a QWERTY keyboard, but if you're OK with T9...) by texting RTM's Twitter account, or from any number of other sources (IM, email, through the RTM website). I get my desired reminders via text messages, through Twitter.

If this seems daunting perhaps read articles like this and this.
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Palm Z22
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I have an old, battle-scarred Palm M500 and it works perfectly for simple things like you are wanting.
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a Palm with an optional keyboard would do everything you want.
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I am a million times more organized today than I was before I had a blackberry. I know you said you don't want one, but you'll be a better person once you have one.
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Might try Jott and a smartphone, too. Can't get any easier data entry than voice dictation.
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Palm indeed, with AA batteries for the win. Cheap and useful! For bonus battery life, get a B&W (though the standard battery models might have all been BW).
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Sounds like an iPod Touch to me.
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blue_beetle: a Palm with an optional keyboard would do everything you want.

I have a Palm m105 and a keyboard. They work. I am not using them. You can have them for free. I even have original boxes and a few colour faceplates. Seriously, they're just collecting dust.

mefi mail me if you're interested.
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I'd also recommend a Palm Z22 -- perhaps with an infrared keyboard -- as it's light, small, relatively inexpensive, rechargeable via USB, and can do all you requested.
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Palm Z22. You can get them on ebay for under $50 sometimes. I've had several different ones --all the bells and whistles, mid range and the Z22. The Z22 does everything I need without a lot of stuff I don't. I really needed it for reminders and things like Xmess lists and shopping lists, notes, calculator, not too much else.

Still find myself with handwritten lists though...sacrilege.
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