Getting Married in Milwaukee?
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Where is a cool place to get married and have a reception in or close to Milwaukee?

At the risk of getting yelled at for duping this question, can anyone suggest a site for reception and ceremony in the greater Milwaukee, WI area?

I like all of the suggestions about talking to caterers and photographers in the thread I linked to above (and will definitely look into it), but can you offer and specific suggestions?

Bonus points for finding a place less expensive than the Milwaukee Art Museum's Calatrava addition (way too expensive), but just as cool.

We (the couple) are youngish, are interested in a pretty/interesting/neat-looking site, and have fairly large families. The guest list is 200 people right now.

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I was in a wedding a few years back that had a reception at the War Memorial, down by the lake. Very cool place.
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Congratulations! From the way you worded the question, am I correct in thinking you're not looking for a church as a possible location at all?
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And I've heard good things about South Shore Park as a good location for weddings.
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The other question specifies "within an hour of Eau Claire." This is hardly a duplicate.

I'm engaged as well, and we are thinking about getting married at Villa Terrace or Lake Park. I can't imagine that the American Club would be any cheaper than the Calatrava, but what an amazingly classy place to have a wedding, and it's not far from Milwaukee. A totally different idea would be the Mitchell Park Domes. I called the Oriental Theater awhile back for info on getting married there, but they did not return my call.

Obviously, I am heavily biased towards the east side, but On Milwaukee has a decent list from various locations.
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From desjardins list,

I've been to a wedding at 1451 Renaissance Place and it was incredibly nice. They have a sort of meeting/cocktail area on the first floor, with the meal on the second floor.

My guess is that it's insanely expensive though.
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If you don't mind oom-pah-pah, der hey, the Bavarian Inn is in Heidelberg Park, up near Bayshore.

Also, Milwaukee County Parks rents out a lot of facilities.
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Here's a similar question on LJ.
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I've been to receptions at both Bavarian Inn and the Domes (the actual weddings were at churches). Both were nice - the Bavarian Inn was easily set up for dinner and later dancing. And we had a lovely time. Easy to get to (but then, that's my hometown), no parking worries. You just have to like that German vibe (tables were lodge-style with benches).

The Domes were gorgeous, of course, but it was more difficult to arrange. It was a large-ish wedding, and the reception was in the center. The space, though, is curved - I was at the back, and so I couldn't hear (and often couldn't see) what was happening at the main table. I'm also guessing it's somewhat expensive. But the couple had a buffet dinner set up in one of the domes, and we got to wander through everywhere, which was so nice.

Just a data point. I'll try to think of any other places.
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The only wedding I've been to in Milwaukee was in the atrium area of the Wyndham Hotel, which was very nice. There was a raised area up front that worked well for the ceremony, and our choir (about 20 of us) sang while perched in a balcony on the next floor up. As far as I can tell, the acoustics were good. It was a wonderful space and very convenient to everything downtown; we were invited to the non-eating portion of the reception, so we hightailed it over to the Safe House. I'm sure you could get a discount on a block of rooms and a reception space.
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Lease the Denis Sullivan schooner and have the ceremony and the reception on the boat.
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Last summer a friend of mine got married in a Catholic church downtown, then had the reception in the Italian American Rec Hall (or something like that). It doesn't sound very cool, BUT it coincided with the annual Festa Italiana, so all around were people in cool costumes, great food and entertainment, and we got to end the night with fireworks.
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