How to transport a static caravan?
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Could someone please explain how I can arrange transportation for a static caravan?


I’d like to transport a static caravan from a leisure park in England to some farm land in Ireland. Could someone please explain how I can go about arranging transport for the caravan, and the approximate cost involved?

I’m not sure if there’s mains water supply, etc. on the farmland. Are there any options for running a caravan off-grid, e.g. with no mains electricity, drainage, etc.?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi -- you might need to explain to the non-UK parts of the Metafilter audience what a "static caravan" is. If I hadn't lived there, I would assume it included camels and van de graaf generators.....
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Travel trailer= caravan.
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It's one of these.
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I'm not sure if my experience is definitive, but as far as I know, a house trailer has the same power/water/sewer requirements as a house. If you're parking it on farmland, you'll probably need to drill a well and arrange for a septic system to be installed. Exactly how to do this and how much it costs will depend on your local zoning ordinances and what contractors are handy. It does involve a fair bit of excavation and big concrete components, so do not expect "cheap."

As far as power goes, you're probably looking at either paying the power utility to run a line to your site, or buying and installing a fairly massive solar array. I don't know much about either of these topics, but the utility company in your destination area would be the first place to contact. I'm not sure if a trailer would be a good candidate for solar, considering they tend to be poorly-insulated and not use terribly efficient appliances.

Then again, I've only been around a few trailer installations, and those were fairly traditional. I don't know what extreme options might be out there...
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