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Desperately looking for downloadable videos of FFT:LW's cutscenes.

So I want to create something (private) using the beautiful cut-scenes from the PSP version of Final Fantasy Tactics. I own a copy of the game, but couldn't find a way to rip the videos into my computer.

So my question is, where can I download many of those awesome cut-scenes in a reasonable resolution? And if that's not possible, how do I rip the videos myself using only (hardware-wise) a PSP (I own 2- a hacked "phat" one, and a PSP2000), a USB adapter, and a PC?

Thanks in advance, Mefites <3!
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You can use FRAPS to capture video and stills from OC games. There is a free version. I don't know anything about the PSP, but that might be a place to start.
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Sorry, I meant PC not 'OC'.
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