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How can I play things like movies from my laptop to my TV?

I have a Compaq PC500 Notebook with an S-Video port, and an RCA HDTV that has one also, as well as an s-video cable. I figured that would be pretty straightforward, and that I could just plug them both in, unplug the dvd cables (both the s-video spot and the red/yellow/white cables are located on the front of the tv, because it's kind of big and bulky.) However, when I turn it on, and switch the input to front, nothing happens- are there extra steps I need to take that I've missed?
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Yes, you need to tell the laptop to send the video to an external source, on my Compaq it's fn 4 to switch to external monitor dunno about the s-video out. Consult manual for exact key sequence.
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With Dell laptops you need to tell the computer to send the video signal out the port instead of just to the screen. You do this by hitting Fn+F8.

Your notebook probably requires something similar. On Dells the button is labeled "CRT/LCD". Do you see something similar?
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Damn preview.
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Another way to get a good image on the TV is to use the VGA/DVI out from your computer; most HDTV's have a VGA in. If you have a DVI port you'll need a DVI to VGA adapter, which you can get for about $3.50 on eBay.

I believe S-Video can only output 480i, which most likely won't be the highest resolution your HDTV can support. I have a 32" one on my desk here, and when I use the VGA port it has a resolution of 1366 x 768. If I used S-video, I believe the vertical resolution (second number) would be 480. Not nearly as nice looking.

If you use the VGA/DVI, you can basically use the thing like a monitor, which is very cool for certain uses.
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I've got a Compaq presario w/S-video output. Here's what I do: right click on the desktop -> Graphics Options -> Output to -> Television.
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Since S-Video is video only, you're also going to need a cable to go from your laptop's headphone jack to the TV's audio-in. If the TV only has an RCA audio-in, then you can get a headphone to RCA cable from (any) Radio Shack.
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