Xbox resources for N3wbs?
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Where is the best resource that will clearly explain the differences between all the different XBox 360's? What comes with all the bundles and packages and what doesn't. Elite, Pro, Arcade, Holiday bundle. what does it all mean?
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Wikipedia is your friend:
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You should be able to follow this link without being a member of the site -- it's worth confirming, if at all possible, that the 360 you get has the newer Falcon chipset, which addresses a number of the poor-heat management issues that have plagued the launch boxes. Most the elites being manufactured now have them, as do most of the Halo edition boxes. The Premium 360s that have HDMI will likely have them if you get it from a store that moves a lot of units.

Have fun! For what it's worth, I've got a Premium that I would like to trade in for an Elite, for the 120gb drive alone.
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I asked a relatively similar question not too long ago.
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The #1 thing to remember when buying an Xbox 360:

An Xbox 360 without a hard drive is crap. You WILL fill up that tiny little memory card. It isn't cost-effective to continue buying them. Get a unit with a HD.
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This link explains all the different Xbox 360 versions.
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Mikey is quite right.

The #2 thing to remember when buying an Xbox 360:

You can only fill the hard drive with things Microsoft wants you to fill it with. This usually means "things you've bought from the Marketplace". (You can certainly rip your own music off CDs to the hard drive, but most people use the streaming option off their computers.) So the 120GB option is great if you're planning on doing the TV show and movie rentals they make available, but may be overkill otherwise.
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