He needs a grill to match his truck and his NASCAR cap.
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Best place to get a stainless-steel propane grill TOMORROW in northwest Chicago suburbs? I'm talking about the big honkin' type you put on your patio.

Budget is $150-300.

I am in Island Lake, IL (lat/long in profile). This is close to Crystal Lake, McHenry, Lake Zurich, Fox Lake, Libertyville. I know where Home Depot, Target, Lowe's, and Menards are. I don't know if they are good places to buy this thing or which is the best.

I drive a 2003 BMW 325i. Any chance this thing will fit in my trunk/backseat? I can borrow a truck if absolutely necessary but it will ruin the surprise element.
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Best answer: Lowe's carries a variety of propane grills; maybe something like this? It will not fit in your car. Either borrow a truck, or if your Lowe's offers it, you can rent one on an hourly basis to move the grill.
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Lowes or Home Depot will do you just fine for selection and price. Weber is a solid brand all around.

I drive a 2003 BMW 325i. Any chance this thing will fit in my trunk/backseat?

Depends on what you mean by "big honkin' type." But generally, no. But you can rent a truck as mentioned above at either Lowes or Home Depot.
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A webber gas/propane grill will not fit in your car. You'll need to borrow or rent. When I brought one home a few years ago, I rented the truck at Home Depot. Also, be warned. These things are heavy. You'll need help getting it into and out of the vehicle.

At this time of year your retailer may or may not have any that are pre-assembled, so be prepared to do that as well.
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Oh, yeah. Thirding Home Depot or Lowes.
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Best answer: Nthing: Lowes is cool and a "big honkin' type" won't fit in your car, either pre-assembled or boxed. This kind of thing is large.

Consumer Reports has some buying advice for you. Actual review only available to subscribers, unfortunately. You are shopping for a basic grill at that price range, surprising as that may be. Do you know what, if any, features he requires/covets?

Oh, and if he doesn't already have one, you'll probably want to include a ~$50 tank of gas with the grill.
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Weber dealer locator, although I think you would have to radically revise your price range upwards.
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