What was the site that mirrored allmusic.com's content but didn't suck?
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What was the site that mirrored allmusic.com's content but didn't suck?

I've read this question and visited mp3.com; that site doesn't seem to license allmusic's content anymore and I remember a site with a different interface.

Allmusic's user interface sucks enough to be the definition of a user interface that sucks, and it also hasn't loaded for me over the last two weeks.

Was there a second site that licensed its content? What was it?
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This probably isn't what you were referring to, but Last.fm is very similar
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last.fm's artist descriptions are often pulled from allmusic.
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Yahoo music uses the amg data set.
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I loved allmusic before they jacked their site up with crazy java script and turned it into a pain to use. Now I hardly use the site unless I'm at a complete loss.

So I don't really have an answer other than to say that if there is a site which mirrors the AMD catalog, but doesn't suck or bog down your browser I'd be all over it.
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All of Pandora's album and artist reviews come directly from allmusic.
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maybe mp3.com? although it is looking less clean than it used to
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Billboard.com pulls info from Allmusic. I don't know if it's easier to navigate, but at least it doesn't crash all the time.
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vh1.com, perhaps?


Google "© 2007 All Media Guide, LLC" plus the artist of your choice to find others. There are literally thousands. I don't think any of them is guaranteed to be a full clone, however, as many of the pulling sites are selling stuff and have no need for artist information if they're not in the inventory.
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Response by poster: Ah, I should have explained why I liked allmusic.com. One of the things I liked about it was that it would frequently have reviews of LPs that hadn't yet made it to CD, or of the albums of obscure/indie bands.

Billboard, vh1, and rollingstone all seem to focus on things currently available on CD. Still, those are not bad suggestions for more popular and currently available music.
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