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So I was thinking of starting a charitable blog project wherein I participate in every "Move for a cause" marathon event local to me (ie. walk for the cure, terry fox run, etc.).

What I need to know is this: [More Inside, obviously]

-What's the best free blog software to use?
-Who might help administer the site if I need help, or maybe help compile a list of these events?
-How hard is it to set up a paypal account to allow donations for whatever cause I'm moving for?
-What would be a good domain for this project?
-Can I rely on my fellow mefites to keep me motivated to continue with the project, and not let it bunk out in half a month?
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wordpress is the best free weblog software. I might be able to help with something, don't know what yet.
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1. There have been countless previous discussions about weblog software and content management software.
2. If it's an idea you're seeking to implement and participate in, you should probably be the one doing the heavy lifting.
3. There have been discussions of PayPal usage as well.
4. See #2.
5. See #2.
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Many, if not all major charitable run projects will allow people to donate online to specific participants, so the paypal route might not be as necessary as you think. Also, keep in mind that paypal will likely not allow you to keep 100% of the money, something charities will see as a very large no-no.
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Movable Type is free for a charitable project like you've described, you can find out details at if you want more info. I know there's a lot of mefites with MT experience, so there should be people to help you out.
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