What to do for new years in LA?
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I want to go to someplace cool and exciting with my friends for New Years.. I live in the LA area (Santa Monica) and would like to stay within 15 miles of the city. I'm fairly new to the area--having just moved here this summer--but still know a bit. I'm 22 so I still have the energy.
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Las Vegas.
posted by Steven C. Den Beste at 12:24 AM on December 20, 2007

Great suggestion, Steven-- Las Vegas is definitely within 15 miles of Los Angeles.

evanm, how much are you willing to spend on this cool and exciting New Years Eve? Knowing whether to direct you to an amazing but expensive club or a cheap but spectacular view of the city would be helpful.
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I'm personally a fan of the clubs on Santa Monica Blvd (I think - if I remember correctly) in West Hollywood. I always find it lively, but haven't seen it on New Year's. I wish I had before I moved up to the Bay Area.
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Oh uh, if you're a social conservative or easily flustered, you may want to opt out of WeHo. Just sayin'.
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If you're really looking for "cool and exciting", it's worth breaking the 15 mile barrier and going to Las Vegas. But get reservations.
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I'm old and unhip, so I tend not to go out on New Years, but there are a number of events listed on Flavorpill. Check 'em out and see if any of them look interesting to you.
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Response by poster: dersins: willing to spent a pretty good amount... not too much, but I don't mind spending a bit
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The Eagles Of Death Metal are playing The Roxy that night. Leaving town would be irresponsible.
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It all depends on your scene.

The LAPhil is doing this cabaret thing. It might be the only thing at Walt Disney Concert Hall that you'd be tempted to go to.

Lots of clubs will have special events. If you want more low-key, try El Segundo or the Hermosa Beach pier. Hermosa usually has some fireworks I think, and there are a few different bars there.

I also think everyone should do the rose parade once, you can do the Pasadena thing and then spend the night on the route and see the parade.

Some promoters will probably do events at Paramount or a downtown hotel. Here's a big list of stuff.
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