Moving a business?
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When a large business considers relocating its headquarters to a different city, is there a particular type of consultant they use to make this sort of decision?

Specifically, I'd like to know what this job function is called, and if any of you have this type of job, what magazines and/or trade pubs do you read regularly?

Thanks Hive Mind!
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I do not know much about the use of consultants, but the consultants would likely work with local economic development officials.

Site Selection magazine covers the industry and has a list of consultants under "Service Providers."
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Site location analyst or consultant. It's not directly my field, but I'd get real familiar with GIS if I were you.
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Isn't this what Relocation Management firms do?
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Ditto desjardins. In a city planning / economic development class, they walked us through how you'd analyze how much your competition had already saturated a particular market. It'd definitely involve a lot of map-based analysis somewhere along the way.
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You may want plane your move there is a particular type of consultant that you can use to make this sort of decision from moving companies to Smart Communities Network relocation moving your network tips.
this job function called corporate relocation services it is time consuming to manage business and employee relocations. you will need professional moving specialists to help your business or corporate with successful planning of all moves, large or small .
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