Can you identify this New York subway station?
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I'm flying to New York tomorrow to tape an appearance on The Maury Show and I need your help.

Thankfully, it's not for a paternity test. I am appearing on a segment about the crazy online videos and I need a little background info on one of the clips we're using. Do any of you New Yorkers know at which subway station this video of a breakdancer kicking a baby in the head was shot?

I thank you, hive mind. And daytime television thanks you as well.
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Looks like Times Square to me. Anyone else?
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Definitely Times Square.
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Best answer: This older posting on YouTube also labels it as Times Square.
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Best answer: It's Times Square-42nd Street.

Just past the crowds (where the white column is), down the stairs are the N/R/Q/W trains. Just off camera on the left is the S to Grand Central Terminal and the Wachovia Bank ATM. From the angle, I'd say they were coming from 1/2/3 train platform (or entrances nearest to them), and stopped right after coming down the steps. It's basically the default performance space in that subway station.
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Does anybody know if that kid ended up being okay?
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Response by poster: Does anybody know if that kid ended up being okay?

Yes, I have reliable information that indicates the child was okay. Thank goodness. How I knew that and not were it was filmed, I'll never know. Thanks everyone.
posted by dhammond at 11:46 PM on December 17, 2007, the elephant in the room wants to ask: what are you doing on the Maury show?
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Response by poster: I work for iFilm and the Maury folks have me on occasionally to introduce some crazy viral videos. There are some videos linked in the blog on my profile page if you're actually interested in seeing this.

I am hoping to wear my MeFi t-shirt, but I'm not getting my hopes up. They're more metrosexual than you might imagine.
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Specifically, this is the area where the largeish busker bands play (usually at least several people, with amplification, and apparently with approval from the MTA). I think the camera in the video is facing roughly east.
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Response by poster: Hey, so I was able to use the information garnered from this post during the appearance. Shameless/shameful self-link.

Thanks, AskMetafilter!
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